New position created in county


The salary board created a new county position at the March 27 meeting.

The board, comprised of the three county commissioners and the county treasurer, added a non-union, System Database Administrator/Technical Administrative Assistant job to the payroll.

Commissioner Alan Hall said the county would be looking for a person that could run the financial software programs who had the technical background needed to interface with software engineering companies as needed.

The person would also be setting up system parameters as well as being able to fill in, as needed, for other positions within the county clerk’s office.

The position was initially proposed with a flat salary of $30,000.

Commissioner Michael Giangrieco instead thought a salary range would be more appropriate. He suggested a range of $25,000-$35,000, depending upon experience.

Hall amended his motion, which had been seconded by Treasurer Cathy Benedict; and all approved the position and salary range.