Trout season opens Saturday


Saturday morning marks the opening of yet another trout season across the region.

Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission Waterways Conservation Officer Kadin Thompson, who covers Wyoming and parts of Susquehanna County, said he’s been busy stocking trout throughout the region.

“We’ve been stocking the same amount of trout as in past years,” Thompson said. “And the creeks are in halfway decent shape.”

Thompson said that he’s received a decent turnout of volunteers to help him stock the waters throughout Wyoming County.

However, Thompson noted that the water throughout the region’s streams is low and clear, which may not be a good thing for anglers.

“With the water low and clear the fish can see a lot more,” Thompson said. “And the fish will be wearier of fishermen.”

Thompson said he thinks if some rain falls on the region prior to Saturday’s opening day, anglers will have better luck reeling fish in.

In Wyoming County, Thompson recommends a few different places based on what kind of fishing experience a person wants.

For the angler who wants a shore fishing experience at a lake, Thompson recommends Oxbow Lake, but if the angler wants a boat fishing experience at a lake, Thompson said Lake Winola is the place to go.
Anglers looking to take on a small stream environment should head to Bowmans Creek or to the south branch of the Tunkhannock Creek.

In Susquehanna County, some hot spots include Snake Creek and Fall Brook along with Salt Lick Creek for a small creek fishing experience, while those looking to case a line in a lake can visit Quaker Lake.

Thompson said that fishing regulations are the same for the most part this year.

However, boating regulations are slightly different this year.

Thompson noted that people using boats less than 16 feet, including canoes and kayaks, a life jacket must be worn up until April 30.

“This new law went into effect in November,” Thompson said. “The rule changed because most of the fatalities in boating accidents happen with people falling out of small boats into cold water.”

Thompson also advises those who are wading in creeks to wear a life jacket.

“Don’t be afraid to wear a life jacket when wading in the creek,” Thompson said. “The rocks will be slippery.”

He also said that if possible, fishing with a partner is a wise idea.

Overall, Thompson thinks it should be a good first weekend of trout fishing, especially if the weather stays warm and some rain falls.

“I’m hoping we get some rain this week,” Thompson said. “It will mean better fishing.”