Warriors defeat Lions on track

Mountain View and Lackawanna Trail runners battle it out in the 100 in Kingsley on Friday. Mountain View’s Fontana was top finisher taking third place. PHOTO COURTESY OF ALICE STUFFLE

Mountain View and Lackawanna Trail runners battle it out in the 100 in Kingsley on Friday. Mountain View’s Fontana was top finisher taking third place. PHOTO COURTESY OF ALICE STUFFLE

The Elk Lake boys’ and girls’ track and field teams swept Lackawanna Trail at Tunnel Hill on Tuesday night in the Lackawanna League Division IV opener.
In the girls’ meet, Elk Lake’s Emily Forba was a three-time winner, claiming the 100, the long jump and the triple jump as the Warriors took a 96-40 victory.
In the boys’ meet, Luke Jones won the 1600, 800 and 3200 and was part of Elk Lake’s winning 3200 relay in the Warriors 81-51.

Elk Lake girls 96,
Trail 40
100 Hurdles: Eliza Furneaux (LT) 18.8, Laytos (LT), Salsman (EL). 3200 Relay: Elk Lake (Trowbridge, Bedell, J. VanEtten, K. VanEtten) 11:38. 100: Emily Forba (EL) 13.8, Ellsworth (LT), Laudeman (LT). 1600: Kiernan Dougherty (LT) 6:08.4, Trowbridge (EL), Jones (EL). 400: Vanessa Ellsworth (LT) 1:08.6, Grosvenor (EL), K. VanEtten (EL). 400 Relay: Lackawanna Trail (Johnson, Kane, Stuble, Stanton) 1:05.8. 300 Hurdles: Rachel Manzek (EL) 53.3, Salsman (EL), Furneaux (LT). 800: Lainey Bedell (EL) 2:50.7, J. VanEtten (EL), K. VanEtten (EL). 200: Vanessa Ellsworth (LT) 28.7, Forba (EL), Williams (EL). 3200: Kenzie Jones (EL) 13:18.7, Dougherty (LT), Seigle (LT). 1600 Relay: Elk Lake (Grosvenor, Manzek, K. VanEtten, J. VanEtten) 4:40.4. Shot: Meagan Bush (EL) 34-8¼, Stevens (EL), Benscoter (EL). Discus: Taylor Watkins 70-0 (EL), Bush (EL), Stevens (EL). Javelin: No contest. Long: Emily Forba (EL) 13-11, Laudeman (EL), Grosvenor (EL). Triple: Emily Forba (EL) 28-9, Grosvenor (EL), Furneaux (LT). High: Kenzie Jones (EL) 4-4, Laytos (LT). Pole: Brooke Seamans (EL) 6-0.

Elk Lake boys 81,
Trail 51
110 Hurdles: Dillon Harris (LT) 17.1, Holmes (LT), Farrell (LT). 3200 Relay: Elk Lake (Carney, Bedell, Jones, Sherman) 9:55. 100: Matt Decker (LT) 11.6, Cumens (EL), Rzucidlo (LT). 1600: Luke Jones (EL) 5:25.9, Barbolish (LT), Bedell (EL). 400: Anthony Urban (LT) 54.9, Cumens (EL), Manzek (EL). 400 Relay: Lackawanna Trail (Stuanzi, Rzucidlo, Phillips, Decker) 58.6. 300 Hurdles: Dylan Harris (LT) 44.8, Watkins (EL), Holmes (LT). 800: Luke Jones (EL) 2;23.5, Furneaux (LT), Bedell (EL). 200: Matt Decker (EL) 23.9, Cumens (EL), Phillips (EL). 3200: Luke Jones (EL) 11:53.8, Sherman (EL), Clarke (LT). 1600 Relay: Elk Lake (Cumens, Manzek, Vermeulen, Watkins) 3:56.3. Shot: Conrad Austin (LT) 39-10½, Crook (LT), Baltzley (EL). Discus: Hunter Watkins (EL) 104-8, Austin (LT), Rzucidlo (LT). Javelin: No contest. Long: Matt Woolcock (EL) 16-6½, Manzek (LT), Phillips (LT). Triple: Matt Woolcock (EL) 36-3, Manzek (EL), Urban (LT). High: Matt Woolcock (EL) 5-8, Vermeulen (EL), Harris (LT). Pole: No contest.

The Blue Ridge boys’ and girls’ track and field teams swept a meet over Mountain View on Wednesday afternoon.
On the boys’ side, Raider James Murnock won 100-and 200-meter dashes and was also part of the winning 400 relay team as Blue Ridge rolled to a 116-29 win in a Lackawanna League Division IV meet.
Seth Decker won shot and discus for Mountain View.
In the girls’ meet, Blue Ridge’s Dakota Radakovich and Kim Klim each had two wins to lead the Raiders to a 76-52.

Stephanie Virbitsky won the 800 and 1600 runs for Mountain View.

Blue Ridge boys 116 Mountain View 29
110 Hurdles: Steve Jesse (BR) 20.3, B. Hepler (BR), J. Bean (MV). 3200 Relay: Blue Ridge (Hinkley, Carlsen, James, Rupakus) 9:16. 100: James Murnock (BR) 12.1, Fontana (MV), Hausser (BR). 1600: Patric Cramer (BR) 5.25, Austin (BR), Ord (MV). 400: Jake James (BR) 54.8, Goodenough (MV), Nally (MV). 400 Relay: Blue Ridge (James, Hausser, Rupakus, Murnock) 48.2. 300 Hurdles: Allen Weed (BR) 57.8, Jesse (BR), Carpenter (BR). 800: Bill Rupakus (BR) 2:22, Cramer (BR), Higby (MV). 200: James Murnock (BR) 25.2, Conrad (BR), Traver (MV). 3200: Jake Hinkley (BR) 11:24, Austin (BR), Cramer (BR). 1600 Relay: Blue Ridge (Conrad, Carlsen, Rupakus, James) 3:37. Shot: Seth Decker (MV) 38-6½, Spinger (BR), Miller (BR). Discus: Seth Decker (MV) 105-9, Spinger (BR), Miller (BR). Javelin: Chris Carlsen (BR) 131-7, Hepler (BR), Decker (MV). Long: Craig Stanley (BR) 17-5½ , Carlsen (BR), Nally (MV). Triple: Brett Hepler 38-6½, Goodenough (MV), Stanley (BR). High: Allen Weed (BR) 5-1. Pole: Zach Edwards (BR) 10-6, J. Nally (MV).

Blue Ridge girls 76 Mountain View 52
100 Hurdles: Lindsey Rupakus (BR) 18.3, H. Ritchner (MV), B. Brewer (BR). 3200 Relay: Mountain View (Virbitsky, Russel, Royce, Yeo) 14:22. 100: Steph Oster (MV) 13.5, Kempa (BR), Brecht (BR). 1600: Stephanie Virbitsky (MV) 6:11, Purdum (BR), Royce (MV). 400: Lindsey Burdick (BR) 1:05.8, Congdon (MV), Russel (MV). 400 Relay: Blue Ridge (Rupakus, Ellis, Whitney, Kempa) 57.2. 300 Hurdles: Hannah Richner (MV) 57.3, Ellis (BR), Fallon (MV). 800: Stephanie Virbitsky (MV) 2:54.4, L. Rupakus (BR), Whitney (BR). 200: Stephanie Austin (MV) 28.5, Burdick (BR), Brecht (BR). 3200: Casey Purdum (BR) 16:24. 1600 Relay: Blue Ridge (Burdick, L. Rupakus, Whitney, Kempa) 4:38.9. Shot: Dakota Radakovich (BR) 29-11, Martell (BR), A. Virbitsky (MV). Discus: Dakota Radakovich (BR) 89-10, Hanas. (MV), A. Virbitsky (MV). Javelin: Lauren Whitney (BR) 84-5, Radakovich (BR), Kempa (BR). Long: Kim Klim (BR) 14-2 ½, Ritchner (MV), Fallon (MV). Triple: Kim Klim (BR) 28-9, Fallon (MV), Ritchner (MV). High: No contest. Pole: No contest.

The Montrose Area boys’ and girls’ track and field teams picked up victories over Susquehanna on Thursday afternoon.
At Susquehanna in the boys’ meet, John Lawson won the shot and javelin and Troy Ely placed first in the triple and high jumps to lead Montrose to a 109-38 victory over the Sabers in Division IV.
In the girls’ meet, Myra Lattimore won the 100 and the triple jump and was part of two of Montrose’s winning relay teams as the Lady Meteors opened with a 120-30 win over the Lady Sabers.

Montrose boys 109, Susquehanna 38
110 Hurdles: Steven Shelp (MON) 19.8, Hansen (SUS), Prat (MON). 3200 Relay: Montrose (L. Nealy, C. Hollenbeck, C. Arnold, J. Blom) 9:45.4. 100: Troy Maby (SUS) 12.5, Tompkins (MON), Castrogiovanni (MON). 1600: Brandon Russell (MON) 5:15, Soden (SUS), Acone (SUS). 400: Dan Zapolski (MON) 59.7, Nealy (MON), Hansen (SUS). 400 Relay: Susquehanna (J. Acone, B. Rafferty, B. Soden, T. Maby) 49.2. 300 Hurdles: Billy Hughes (MON) 48.8, Shelp (MON), Hansen (SUS). 800: Chris Arnold (MON) 2:15.8, Russell (MON), Soden (SUS). 200: Mike Stewart (MON) 26, Rafferty (SUS), Zapolski (MON). 3200: Chris Hollenbeck (MON) 12:07, Arnold (MON), Preston. 1600 Relay: Montrose 4:05.5. Shot: John Lawson (MON) 39-31/2, Shelp (MON), Haines (SUS). Discus: Jon Haines (SUS) 99-4, Tompkins (MON). Javelin: John Lawson (MON) 154-4, Warner (MON), Castrogiovanni (MON). Long: Jake Blom (MON) 18-11, Pelicci (SUS), Ely (MON). Triple: Troy Ely (MON) 36-3/4, Pelicci (SUS), Gardner (MON). High: Troy Ely (MON) 5-8, Castrogiovanni (MON). Pole: Brandon Russell (MON) 12-0, Pelicci (SUS).

Montrose girls 120, Susquehanna 30
100 Hurdles: Melissa Kukowski (SUS), 17.4, Timm (MON), Dunne (MON). 3200 Relay: Montrose (E. Wasko, M. Pike, A. Russell, M. Gilhool) 11:52. 100: Myra Lattimore (MON) 13.6, Dieck (MON), Cina (SUS). 1600: Samantha Benicci (MON), 6:02, Wasko (MON), Dearborn (MON). 400: Allison Lewis (MON) 1:03.2, Christensen (SUS), Dunne (MON). 400 Relay: Montrose (H. Dieck, M. Pasteka, M. Lattimore, S. Stack) 55.2. 300 Hurdles: Rebecca Timm (MON) 41.7, Kukowski (SUS), Griffin (MON). 800: Samantha Benicci (MON) 2:38.9, Russell (MON), Christensen (SUS). 200: Allison Lewis (MON) 27.9, Pasteka (MON), Pike (MON). 3200: Emma Wasko (MON) 14:14, Harding (MON), Newhart (MON). 1600 Relay: Montrose (A. Lewis, M. Gilhool, M. Lattimore, S. Bennici) 4:21.4. Shot: Katie Greene (SUS) 29-3½, Serfilippi (SUS), Groover (MON). Discus: Sarah Serfilippi (SUS) 90-11, Groover (MON), Blachek (MON). Javelin: Mara Blachek (MON) 64-9, Staros (SUS), Wilbur (MON). Long: Madelyne Pasteka (MON) 13-31/2, Dieck (MON), Decker (SUS). Triple: Myra Lattimore (MON) 31-3½, Dieck (MON), Koldski (MON). High: Meagan Dunne (MON) 4-6, Pasteka (MON), Kolosky (MON). Pole: Emily Black (MON) 6-6, Timm (MON), Griffin (MON).

The Mountain View boys’ and girls’ track and field teams faced losses to Lackawanna Trail at home on Friday afternoon.
In the boys’ meet, Seth Decker won shot and discus to lead the Warriors in the 95-52 loss.
On the girl’s side, Allison Virbitsky won the shotput, Emily Supancik won the discus, Hannah Richner won the long jump and Haley Maloney topped the high jump to lead the Lady Eagles in a 79-62 loss.

Trail boys 95,
Mt. View 52
110 Hurdles: Dylan Harris (LT) 17.3, Holmes (LT), Bean (MV). 3200 Relay: Lackawanna Trail (Urban, Clance, Barbolish, Wetzel) 10:02.8. 100: Matt Decker (LT) 11.7, Ruczidlo (LT), Fontana (MV). 1600: Issac Barbolish (LT) 5:45.4, Clark (LT), Ord (MV). 400: Anthony Berrios (LT) 55.6, Goodenough (MV), Nally (MV). 400 Relay: Lackawanna Trail (Stenzai, Phillips, Ruczidlo, Decker) 52.7. 300 Hurdles: Dylan Harris (LT) 46.3, Holmes (LT), Farrell (LT). 800: Zack Welzy (LT) 2:23.4, Higby (MV), Travern (MV). 200: Matt Decker (LT) 23.7, Cameron (MV), Travern (MV). 3200: Devin Clark (LT), Barbolish (LT). 1600 Relay: Lackawanna Trail 4:02. Shot: Seth Decker (MV) 36-8, Crook (MV), Sandercock (LT). Discus: Seth Decker (MV) 104-11, Ruczidlo (LT), Belcher (MV). Javelin: Issac Barbolish (LT) 155-8, Decker (MV), Belcher (MV). Long: Joe Nally (MV) 16-9, Cameron (MV), Fontana (MV). Triple: James Goodenough (MV) 37-4, Cameron (MV), Urban (MV). High: Dylan Harris (LT) 5-6, Ruczidlo (LT). Pole: Joe Nally (MV) 8-6, Barbolish (LT).

Trail girls 79,
Mt. View 62
110 Hurdles: Eliza Furneaux (LT) 18.8, Laytos (LT), Richner (MV). 3200 Relay: Lackawanna Trail (Furneaux, Wiesel, Martin, Bogoti) 12:02. 100: Vanessa Ellsworth (LT) 13.8, Oster (MV), Bosjanstic (MV). 1600: Kiernan Doughtery (LT) 6:01, Pollock (MV), Royce (MV). 400: Vanessa Ellsworth (LT) 1:09, Congdon (MV), Russell (MV). 400 Relay: Mountain View (Bosjanstic, Oster, Congdon, Gaynor) 59.8. 300 Hurdles: Eliza Furneaux (LT) 55.7, Richner (MV), Kinback (LT). 800: Nicole Martin (MV) 3:01, Wiesel (LT), Royce (MV). 200: Vanessa Ellsworth (LT) 28.0, Oster (MV), Kane (LT). 3200: Kiernan Doughtery (LT) 14:30. 1600 Relay: Lackawanna Trail (Wiesel, Martin, Ellsworth, Laytos) 5:36. Shot: Allison Virbitsky (MV) 20-2, Supancik (MV), Hanas (MV). Discus: Emily Supancik (MV) 55.8, Hanas (MV), Virbitsky (MV). Javelin: Jordan Laytos (MV) 67-8, Hanas (MV), Virbitsky (MV). Long: Hannah Richner (MV) 13-9, Fallon (MV), Congdon (MV). Triple: Eliza Furneaux (LT) 29-3, Maloney (MV), Fallon (MV). High: Haley Maloney (MV) 4-2. Pole: No contest.