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Senior baseball player Dale Harder sought after a much-needed scoreboard for the baseball field as his senior project.

“I wanted to do this because it was a much needed thing for the team,” Harder said. “The team has been improving for the past few years, and so I thought the field should improve as well.”

Harder has been involved with baseball for most of his life, playing left field for the Meteors.

Many fundraisers, including raffles, dinners, and garage sales have all accumulated money for the purchase of the scoreboard.

“It’s something I can leave behind [at the school] and look back on in the future,” Harder said.

Mountain View

For her senior project, Rebecca Perkins wanted to explore the art form of realism and capture a theme she thinks of when she looks at her niece, Madison.

The junior soccer player and member of the cheerleading squad composed a 6-by-12 grayscale drawing, using paper and pencils, of Madison, who is 5. The title of the piece is “Realism.”

“I wanted to do a picture of my niece, because when I look at her, I see the picture of innocence,” Perkins said. “I wanted to show everyone that innocence still exists in the world.”

Drawing is a hobby for Perkins, who also is a member of the art club, the Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science and the National Honor society.

Perkins said she plans to give Madison the drawing when the 5-year-old grows up.


Although she is only a freshman, Miranda Groover has earned the starting shortstop position for the softball team.

“It’s very exciting,” Groover said. “I was very nervous going into the season. I knew I had to work a lot harder because I was a freshman. There were a lot of upperclassmen who already had spots.

“At first I was playing right field. But then my coach asked me if I could play shortstop. It showed that my hard work paid off.”

Interestingly, Groover’s favorite baseball player is not a shortstop. It is St. Louis Cardinals outfielder Matt Holliday.

“I just started watching him and I liked how he played,” Groover said. “I wear No. 7, which is also his number.”

Groover was also a member of the volleyball team this season. She has played basketball and run cross country as well.

She is a member of the Spanish Club, Envirothon, SADD and is class representative for student council.

Umpires best beware; after high school, Groover plans to go to law school to become a criminal prosecution lawyer.

“I just like to argue my side of things,” Groover said. “I like to prove people wrong when I know what they did was wrong.”