Cops ok’d for Forest Lake


The paperwork needed to get police coverage in Forest Lake is nearly complete.

Montrose Borough Council gave its final approval Monday night to a two-year contract to provide police service to the nearby township.

Forest Lake Supervisors will meet tonight (Wednesday, April 17) and are expected to approve the proposed agreement.

The township approached Montrose Borough in December as their contract for police coverage with Silver Lake was expiring and was not going to be renewed.

Forest Lake residents expressed interest in maintaining a level of police protection, Supervisor Frank Pinkowski said in December, leading the township to explore a contract with the borough.

The plan calls for about 22 hours of police coverage each week and an additional five hours for investigations and court time. Coverage would be provided on a random basis.

In late February, Montrose council gave the go-ahead to move forward with the agreement, with Councilman Tony Pickett standing opposed.

Pickett was not present at the April 15 borough meeting.

The Montrose Borough Police also provide service to New Milford Borough.

In other business, council discussed the Coleman Rd. pipe replacement project.

Council President Tom LaMont said he had met with Joe Hunt Engineering who would complete the application and permitting requirements for the pipe project.

The project requires a general permit which can be handled at the county level through the Conservation District, LaMont told council.

Ken DiPhillips, head of the borough street department, said that the hold one the road opened up in the past week and needed to be replaced. He was given the go-ahead to work with the engineering firm, the Conservation District and Carrizo Gas Co. which plans to use the roadway.

Council agreed the project needed to be completed as soon as possible.

DiPhillips was also given the okay to purchase piping supplies and line paint for the season’s upcoming road projects, as well as sealant to be used in the crack-sealing program.

The borough also agreed to purchase cinders for next year’s snow season. DiPhillips explained that having the cinders in stock early allowed time for them to dry and that they were easier to work with.

The borough is also working with property owners to restore a crosswalk on the corner of Cherry and Church streets before the Rt. 706 projects gets to that area. PennDOT will be obligated to keep the crosswalk in that area if it is visible when they do the project, according to council.

Councilman Sean Granahan also expressed the desire to place parking meters on Pine St. However, that is a county road and the borough cannot place meters there.

Granahan said that several cars were parked on the end of the street and he noticed a delivery van was not able to access the roadway.

Police Chief Dale Smith said he would monitor the area to make sure the travel lanes are not blocked by parked vehicles
Council also discussed Time Warner Cable’s proposed 15-year franchise agreement.

LaMont said that before signing he would like to see some service issues addressed by the company.
He said he would contact Time Warner and report back to council at the next meeting.