Culvert replacement work progressing


Montrose Borough Council heard from the engineering firm hired to navigate the permitting process of a culvert replacement project on Coleman Rd.

Joe Hunt, of Joe Hunt Engineering, reported to council at the Monday, May 7 meeting, that the project requires at GP-11 permit to replace the deteriorated culvert on the roadway. Heavy truck traffic connected with natural gas development is expected to use Coleman Rd. in the near future.

In addition to permitting, Hunt said a wetlands specialist is expected to look at the area within the next two weeks; a plan will be devised for the construction of headwalls up and downstream; and hydrology calculations will be performed to determine the necessary pipe size. Some surveying work will also be done, Hunt said.

The local business owner also told council that he would be contacting the borough zoning officer in the next few days.

Hunt said he is moving forward with the purchase of the Times-Shamrock owned office building on South Main St. but is seeking a letter that would allow for his company to use of the municipal parking lot.
There is no off-street parking included with the building, all of the lot is taken up by the structure – creating an existing non-conformity.

Hunt also offered his services to the borough to help with an updated lay-out and striping of the parking area – a project idea the Montrose Restoration Committee recently brought to council.
Councilman Sean Granahan said, “In my eyes, the timing couldn’t be any better.”

He said the south lot needed work and the borough wanted to make it nicer because it would be used more due to the Route 706 expansion project.

Judy Kelly said the Montrose Area Chamber of Commerce had received complaints about the accessibility of the handicap parking in the borough.

She said the handicap parking space next to the curb bump out in front of the theater was difficult to utilize if a van was unloading a passenger with a wheelchair.

Councilman Craig Reimel said there may be some alternatives that would alleviate the problems involving the handicap parking.

The borough is also moving forward with its plans to open a skateboard park in Memorial Park later this summer. The skateboard area will be located in the spot where the ice skating rink is set up during the winter months.

The Lions Club is working on ramps and equipment that would be installed in the skateboard park.
Reimel said the borough’s insurance company is asking the area be fenced in. The councilman said the cost of the fence would be about $5,000.

Skateboarders using the facility would also be asked to register with the borough and provide emergency contact information. It was also requested that the skateboarders wear helmets, knee and elbow pads while using the skate park.

Reimel said that in the past two years, the skateboarders have told him they would agree to the borough requirements in order to have a place to skate.

The borough is hoping to have the skateboard area operational later this summer.

Granahan reported that the permits for the Community Center were completed; and a bid package was being put together for work that needs to be done on the building.

The grand opening of the center is set to coincide with the Montrose Area Adult School expo at the community center on August 2.

The adult school has committed to use the building and will serve as one of the building “anchor tenants.”

Police Cpl. Nathaniel Williams told council that the narrowband used for communications has cut down capabilities while the borough police are working in Forest Lake Twp.

Council approved the purchase of two cell phones for the police to use while on patrol in Forest Lake.
Granahan reported that there is no street sign on Pine St. The borough will install a sign. Pine St. is located between Maple and Chenango streets.

The borough also received its 2011 Audit report. Granahan said the borough had done significantly better on the report than in previous years and commended the borough secretary and borough treasurer for their work.

Maple Street will be closed to parking during the Chocolate and Wine Festival, May 18, and on July 4, per a request from United Fire Co.