Man faces attempted homicide charges in bar skirmish




A 30-year-old Clifford man who pointed a gun at patrons of a Susquehanna County bar and even pulled the trigger which did not fire last weekend, has been charged with criminal attempt to commit homicide.

Brandon Lee Walsh was arraigned Monday on charges pending from an incident on Friday, May 10.

According to court documents, Walsh entered the Clifford Hotel around 8:30 p.m., and started arguing with customers as well as bar owner Donald Edwards Jr.

Police said that at one juncture Walsh was upset and yelled, “I am going to get my gun and blow all of your f—ing heads off.”

He then exited through a front door, and 10 minutes later returned through a rear entrance.
Edwards told police that Walsh pointed the gun at him and one other, and pulled the trigger but the gun did not fire.

According to a police complaint, one witness said Walsh started pointing a gun at everybody and a couple of customers were able to knock Walsh down and get the gun away from him.

Walsh eventually left the scene and Edwards turned the gun over to Forest City patrolman Daniel Lomax.
In addition to the homicide attempt charge, Walsh also faces charges of aggravated assault, terroristic threats and reckless endangerment.

District Judge Suzanne Brainard in Clifford set bail at $50,000, and Walsh was able to post 10 percent cash.

His preliminary hearing before Judge Brainard was set for Tuesday, May 21.

In a separate case, Walsh also faces unsworn fasification charges.

In the early morning hours of May 11, he and a girlfriend contacted the state police at the Gibson barracks that a gun had been removed from Walsh’s vehicle.

It was the same gun that turned up at the Clifford Hotel.

According to a complaint, Trooper John Oliver charges that Walsh knew he was lying to troopers and that the gun was taken off of him earlier in the night.

A preliminary hearing in that matter is also set for May 21.