51 Foresters moving on

Graduates Matt Gerchman, 18, and Alyssa Peters, 17, celebrate at Friday’s commencement. TIMES-SHAMROCK PHOTO/BUTCH COMEGYS

Graduates Matt Gerchman, 18, and Alyssa Peters, 17, celebrate at Friday’s commencement. TIMES-SHAMROCK PHOTO/BUTCH COMEGYS

Times-Shamrock Writer

As they ascended the stairs to the stage, donning purple and white gowns, Kirsten Bailey noted they had come a long way since the dinosaurs.

When students in the Forest City Regional School District transition from elementary school to the seventh grade, they walk past a few well-loved dinosaurs to reach their new hallways. The graduating class of 2013 – 51 students in all – prepared for their next steps Friday.

“The class of 2013 has stuck together,” said Kirsten, the salutatorian. “I’m prepared for the road ahead.

The third-ranked student, Kylie Besz, shared that though 13 is typically thought of as an unlucky number, she viewed it as the opposite.

“Move on, but never forget – never forget what these 13 years have given to us,” she said, comparing her classmates to family.

She and Superintendent John Kopicki urged students to make their mark on the world.

“Seek that inner inspiration, inner beauty, inner love and inner greatness that all of you possess,” Mr. Kopicki said, adding that students will always have a home at the school.

Bringing some levity to his remarks, valedictorian Benjamin Terry congratulated the seniors on returning all library books prior to taking the stage.

He also encouraged fellow graduates to pursue their dreams and disregard anyone who says “you can’t do it.”

“That’s a dare to me,” he said. “I will do it.”

“Don’t ever lose sight of what you and only you want in this life,” he added.

James Gary John Austin, Kirsten Evelyn Bailey, Kylie Marie Besz, Kylie Nichole Borick, Jessica Marie Bramley, Thomas Campbell, Kayla Marie Cangialosi, Samantha Lynn Carey, James J. Chadwick, Jason S. Curley, Kevin William DeEsch, Vincent R. DeLucy, Andrew Demianovich, Michael J. Eustis, Jacob Basil Fedak, Logan L. Fenstermacher, Matthew Ryan Gerchman, Kaylie Marie Gigliotti, Jasmine Renata Goudreau, Desirae Lynn Gravine, Matthew O. Hartman, Gavin Herman, Jon Hoanzl III, Sabrina Nicole Holsinger, Tiffany L. Holsinger, Christopher Donald James, Zachary J. Johns, Cody Peter Jubinsky, Amanda Mae Kelly, Megan Taylor Marcinkus, Stephen Mikloiche, Morgan Michelle Miller, Jacob R. Mohring, Ruth Pauswinski, Katherine Elizabeth Ann Pecko, Brett M. Pelick, Alyssa Peters, Stephanie Natividad Ramos, Joshua T. Rhoads, Donald Lee Rousseau III, Brittany Rutledge, Morgan Ann Saul, Bridgette Lee Smith, Zachary M. Sosnowski, Drew W. Stark, Kaitlyn Marie Sweeney, Niki H. Szescila, Benjamin Andrew Terry, Danielle Marie Timur, Ryan Tuttle, Jessica Lynn Weber.