Montrose skateboard park nears completion

After years of talk and preparation, the first skateboard ramp is nearly read for installation at the new enclosure at Montrose Memorial Park.

Many hurdles have been cleared in order to bring this improvement to the park. There were a lot of insurance and legal questions, video security to be installed and decisions about what equipment would work best in a limited area.

With the help of the Montrose Lions Club, plans and materials for the first quarterpipe and platform were gathered.

The local club members have been busy building the ramp while borough personnel have fielded the insurance requirements with the borough’s insurance agent and underwriter.

New fencing was installed in June with a double gate for access by boarders and when needed, borough equipment. Signs have been ordered and should arrive in the next week.

The signs will caution boarders about the dangers associated with skateboarding and the required helmets, pads and wrist supports needed in order to use the borough facility.

One of the requirements for people using the area is to register at the borough office on Cherry St. or at certain times at the gate to the skateboard enclosure.

Anyone wishing to have the borough email the registration forms may request them at

For information or questions, call the borough office at 278-2442, ext. 3.