Boro seeks second opinion on community center mold problem


A positive test for mold in the proposed Montrose Community Center prompted council to hold a special meeting Friday evening to discuss the matter.

Council members present voted to have another contractor, Serv-Pro of Binghamton, N.Y., test the building and provide their recommendations for remediation.

After tests come back, Council President Tom LaMont said he would like to meet with the property owner, Alice Davis, to discuss the matter with her.

The borough used about $60,000 in Act 13 funds it received in December 2012 to lease the building in an effort to open it as a community center.

Counciman Craig Reimel said, “Until it’s certified as remediated, we can’t use it.” He indicated the mold problem stems from the moisture in the pool area.

The test result has delayed work on the center which the borough hoped to have open in time for Montrose Adult School Expo in early August.

“We’re all stuck,” Councilman Sean Granahan said. “We’re all in the same boat to come up with a solution.”