County signs on for bridge inspections


The county commissioners approved an agreement to have the 58 bridges located in the county inspected and inventoried by Greenman-Pedersen Inc.

Cost of the project is estimated at about $554,000 for a 60-month period.

Eighty percent of the cost is funded by the Federal Highway Administration.
Municipalities reimburse the county for the 20 percent due on bridges not owned by the county.

The commissioners ratified the July 18 termination of Veterans’ Affairs Director Thomas Yadlosky Jr.

The commissioners accepted for review bids for window and glass replacement at the County Office Building and the Courthouse.

The Tax Claim Bureau was exonerated from collecting delinquent takes on a Dimock Twp. parcel in the name of Phillip Warfle, consisting of a trailer. The trailer had been removed from the assessment rolls as gone. And a Bridgewater Twp. parcel in the name of Marjorie Sechrist, consisting of a trailer. The trailer was removed from the assessment rolls as gone.

The following people were appointed to serve two-year terms on the Susquehanna County Communications Advisory Board: Robert Thatcher, Chad Wallace, Charles Daly, Richard Hennessey, Jerry Fives, Jim Krupinski, Lance Benedict, Trent Turner, Steve Stoud and Art Donato.

The commissioners also signed the Medical Assistance Transportation Program participation grant agreement and assurance of compliance. Tentative allocation for the program’s fiscal year 2013-14 is $561,728.

A lease agreement was signed between the county and Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Voluntary Action Center for two offices in the county office building.

The commissioners accepted with regret the resignation of Peter Lee, from the 911 department; and acknowledged the acceptance with regret by President Judge Kenneth Seamans of the resignation of Andrea Beeman from Domestic Relations.