QDMA hosts evening field day

The Susquehanna Branch of the Quality Deer Management Association in cooperation with Sienko Forest Products will host an evening field/forest/new equipment meeting on August 2 at 6 p.m.

The meeting will be held at the property of Dave and June Sienko, 339 Maple Lane, Hallstead.

The purpose of the meeting is to have sportsmen, outdoorsmen and women, wildlife habitat managers, landowners and those who want to learn more to get together in a setting where hands on work can be seen.

Dave Sienko explained, “We hope to show you some good habitat improvement work and explain what we did to make it this way. I believe that you can get this type of habitat improvement work done on your property the same as it has been done on mine.”

Highlights of the meeting will include ATV and two-legged touring through the wildlife food plots of grasses and legumes, annual crops, tree planting and the well managed woodland.

In the woods forestry management work such as timber stand improvement, mast (nut, seed and fruit) tree release, fencing and tree planting will be seen and discussed.

In addition, wildlife habitat improvement work such as food plot planting, border cutting, developing water for wildlife and woodland road improvement will be talked about.

Sienko is asking all of those who come to bring along their own ATVs to take part in the riding part of the tour.

Equipment demonstrations and local wildlife habitat, forestry management experts from the Susquehanna Branch of QDMA, the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, Pa. DCNR Bureau of Forestry and Private Service Foresters will be on hand to answer questions and take part in discussions.

Bob Wagner, Secretary for the Susquehanna Branch of QDMA, noted, “This is the second cooperative field day that our branch has helped to hold on this property. Dave and his family have continued to improve the habitat on this property every year. The Sienkos are showing that ‘yes you can do it’ – manage their habitat, their hunters and the deer herd here in the northeast. They are making things better and are opening up their property for everyone and anyone to attend this evening field day.”

This jam-packed, two- hour event, will be showcasing new equipment that could be very useful for those who are planting in small areas that are difficult to get to with larger farm equipment.

The Golden Valley Cultiseeder is a state-of-the-art machine designed to be pulled with any small vehicle, ranging from a 500cc ATV to a 15hp-65hp tractor. The seeder is popular among sportsman, landscapers, small hobby farmers and land managers who want to plant food plots and manage their properties effectively.

For further information about the field day or directions, call Dave Sienko at 396- 3125 or Bob Wagner at 278-1011, ext. 108.