Massage therapy approved for SCCTC


The Susquehanna County Career and Technology Center board continued to discuss the possibility of a Massage Therapy program for adult students during its meeting Thursday, and approved the program for adult students only.

There are two proposed massage therapy programs, SCCTC director Alice Davis said.

The first, requiring 765 hours of training, will meet the requirements for the student to be a certified massage therapist.

The second program, massage therapy with business practicum, requires 900 hours, and would be for students wishing to pursue their own business in the field.

Both of the massage therapy programs have been approved by the Commission on the Council of Occupational Education, which has declared the SCCTC to be an accredited institution.

Later in the school year, the program may offer massage services as part of a “Day of Beauty” package, Davis said, in cooperation with the cosmetology department.

Several positions were approved for the 2013-14 school year: a special project coordinator, a teaching position, an associate position, and a massage therapy instructor. These positions can now be advertised and posted.

There was a visitor question about the special project coordinator position.
Superintendent William Bush explained that this person would be responsible for bringing in grant funding, coordination of adult programming, development of new programs, and financial aid awards.

Previously, this position was called a “consultant” position, and was filled by Donna Evans Schwartz.

Schwartz’s salary was paid through grant funding.

Bush said that he had just come back from a ‘Schools that Work’ conference, and one of the topics there was, “How do schools make do with less money?” He said that many districts cited grant-funded positions such as this one.
Schwartz will continue in the new position, and will be paid a per diem rate, for 90 days at $35,000.

A visitor asked how many of the SCCTC students were from Elk Lake. Davis said that there are 475 students in all. Elk Lake is sending 186 students this fall, which is less than half of the total student body. Blue Ridge is sending 14; Lackawanna Trail, 36; Susquehanna Community, 41; Mountain View, 63; Montrose Area, 70; Tunkhannock, 31.

There are 34 adult students, not counting the 40 in the LPN program or 15 or more in the massage therapy program.

Davis said that the new Nail Tech program can be completed in only 200 hours.

The board approved the purchase of cosmetology supplies and cosmetologist kits for the classrooms. Burmax bid a total of $16,707.84 for a total of 152 items. 60 cosmetologist kits were bid by Cosmopruf Beauty at $258.64 per kit, each including 49 items, and the grand total for 60 kits was $15,720.