Job changes dominate county meetings


The county added a couple of new positions, eliminated positions, changed a few titles, beefed up hours and bump up salaries for some employees at the Aug. 14 Salary Board meeting.

After tabling an agenda item in a July meeting to eliminate two 3rd deputy positions in the Register and Recorder’s office and create two 2nd deputy positions in that office, the Salary Board moved forward with its approval.
The clerk/typist positions in the Clifford and Montrose district magistrate offices were changed to Assistant Manager. The New Milford magistrate’s office already has an assistant office manager position, board members explained.

Commissioner Alan Hall said the change will provide for consistency in the county’s three magistrate offices.

The board also eliminated the current Assistant Director of Public Safety-Emergency Management/Emergency Management Operations and Training Manager position and split it into two separate positions.

Positions created are: Assistant Director of Public Safety/Emergency Management Coordinator and an Emergency Management Operations and Training Officer.

The Operations-Training officer position is to be eliminated if state funding that supports the position is lost.

With the county investing in a Geographical Information System (GIS) the salary board voted to create a position for a GIS Project Manager/Information Technology (IT) Officer.

Chief Clerk Sylvia Beamer’s salary was increased to $52,500 per year.
The board also moved forward with its push to have all county employees work a 40-hour work week.

Hours were increased from 7.5 hour to 8 hour workdays, a 40-hour week, for one victim witness coordinator and two secretarial positions in the District Attorney’s office.

The number of hours worked by all employees in the Prothonotary/Clerk of Courts office was also increased from 7.5 to 8 hours per day, 40 hours per week.

The title and starting pay range for the 2nd Deputy Clerk of Courts/Court Liaison, Range 11, was changed to a Deputy Clerk of Courts, Range 10, position.

The salary board is comprised of the three county commissioners and the county treasurer.

In the county commissioners’ meeting held directly preceding the salary board, the commissioners acknowledged the acceptance with regret, by Prothonotary Susan Eddleston, the resignation of Margaret Krupinski from the Clerk of Courts office.

Krupinski transferred to the County Coroner’s department to take on the recently created position of Administrative Assistant/Deputy Coroner, effective Aug. 5.

Richard VanGorder was hired as a custodian, effective Aug. 7.

The commissioners also accepted, with regret, the resignations of Judy Petersen from Children and Youth, effective Aug. 16; and Nicole House, 911 dispatcher, effective Aug. 9.

Outside of personnel, the commissioners awarded the bid for the replacements of windows and glass in the County Office Building and Courthouse to Precision Glass Company, New Milford, at a cost of $17,710. Precision Glass was the lowest bidder for the project.

The Tax Claim Bureau was exonerated from collecting delinquent taxes on a Bridgewater Twp. parcel, in the name of Tanya Hance, consisting of a trailer in Hart’s Trailer Park.

The trailer was removed from the county rolls by the Assessment Dept. as gone. Total amount to be exonerated is $137.60.

The commissioners approved the purchase of a trailer from WTO Motors to be used by the maintenance department at a cost of $5,591, less a discount.
An engineering proposal from Greenman-Pedersen Inc., Scranton, was accepted by the county at a cost of $12,000 for the full design for generators for the county office building, the Warner building and the Courthouse.