Superntendent Ognosky chooses whistle over school


The superintendent of the Montrose Area school district is resigning to more fully pursue a career officiating college basketball.

Michael Ognosky, who has been employed by Montrose Area for more than 38 years and has served as school superintendent for 12, gave his 90-day notice of resignation, which was accepted by the school board Aug. 12. His final day with the district will be Nov.1.

Ognosky has been an active womens’ college basketball official for more than 20 years, but was recently offered a chance to increase his workload.

“This summer I was provided an opportunity for a more heightened schedule that requires more time from home and school,” Ognosky said. “I really didn’t want to shortcut anybody so I felt it was the ideal time to retire.”

Ognosky first became a basketball official in 1990 and has worked games in high school, junior college and all three levels of NCAA womens’ basketball. Many of those years consisted primarily of high school games, but more opportunities for college games have been offered in the past ten years.

“Last year I had 70 assignments and 52 were at the college level,” Ognosky said. ‘That will be even more dominant at the college level this year and I expect that I’ll have at least 65 to 70 games”

The game of basketball has always been a big part of Ognosky’s life. He played at North Pocono high school and then at Bloomsburg College before coaching at Western Wayne high school for 10 years and King’s College for two years.

He then took a break from coaching for a position as high school assistant principal for Montrose, which led to a position as principal and eventually superintendent.

“I’ve been working in education a long time and it’s time to move on,” Ognosky said. “I do love the college game and it’s great to be recognized by my assignors as being one of their best. It’s a great opportunity for me.”

Along with balancing superintendant and officiating duties, Ognosky has also served on the PIAA District Committee since 1990 and has served as District 2 secretary since 1999.

He currently manages the content of the District 2 webpage and is chairman of the football and eligibility committees, and will still try to continue some of his duties in the future.

“By rule I can continue to serve as a voting member of the committee for the remainder of this year, and I’m hopeful that I can continue working with the webpage after that time,” Ognosky said. “That will be up to the committee.”

Ognosky has already been told to reserve 55 dates for assigned college games for either Division 1 or Division 2. His first assignment is scheduled for Nov. 9 at Philadelphia University.