Pipeline maintenance work source of Dimock noise


Dimock residents in the Carter Rd. area heard a sound Thursday morning described as a 747 jet plane.

The cause of the noise turned out to be scheduled maintenance work by Williams on a pipeline in the vicinity.

Williams spokesman Helen Humphreys said the company is currently evaluating the incident.

According to Humphreys, the gas in the pipeline is not perfumed and the situation posed no danger to nearby residents.

But she added, “The process did not go as it should have.”

One aspect of the process that is being evaluated is the notification of residents. Humphreys said Williams normally lets residents – who may either see or hear something unusual – know about scheduled maintenance work.

Williams will also evaluate the way it perceives noise associated with its pipeline work.

Humphreys said, “The feedback we have on this (incident) is that it should have been quieter.”

She said Williams received feedback from not only residents but also from county emergency management personnel.

A silencer, she said, is part of that process, as is the rate at which gas is allowed to vent from the line.

The speed at which gas is allowed to vent can add to or diminish the amount of sound produced, she explained, as well as a number of environmental factors that contribute to how sound travels and is heard.