New Milford considers independent auditor


New Milford Borough Council is looking to do away with the elected position of auditor.

In place of the elected position, the borough would have to pass an ordinance establishing an independent auditor as allowed by the borough code.

The borough auditor position will appear on the November general election ballot but no resident is seeking election.

Council also looked over its cable franchise contracts, noting there were a number of fees the borough could be receiving from the companies that are not included in the contract terms the borough is currently operating under.
Cable contracts with both NEP and Adams Cable have expired and council is looking to negotiate new contracts with the two franchise holders.

Ainey said a cable contract negotiator had perused the proposed contracts for the borough and pointed out some concerns.

Council members took the information presented about the cable franchise contracts with plans to discuss the matter further at the next meeting.
Drainage issues stemming from development of the new senior apartment project on Church Street was addressed by council.

It was reported that there had been a meeting with the engineering group, the builder and a representative from Susquehanna County Soil Conservation regarding the run-off.

Councilman Larry White said water is running down Maple Street and the run-off is causing debris, silt and build up in one resident’s driveway.
White said he will check into the matter to see if plans to remedy the matter still include the installation of a French drain.

White also reported that the slurry seal project in the borough had been completed.

The newly established Recreation Board is in need of volunteers and one more person willing to serve as a member of the board.

White told council he was approached by a person who wanted to distribute copies of the Bible on Fridays in the Midtown Park.

Ainey suggested council check with the solicitor on the matter.

“The Bible is not in question,” Ainey said. “It’s what (council) is exposing itself to by saying ‘yes, you can’ or ‘no, you can’t,’” he said.