Dimock uses impact funds


Dimock Township Supervisors used some of their Act 13 Impact Fee funds to purchase a vibratory roller from Medico Industries recently, it was announced at the Township meeting Monday.

Supervisors said roller had been displayed at the Harford Fair, and it was convenient for the vendors to deliver it to the township afterward. The $106,000 purchase price was considerably lower than the regular retail price. The supervisors have been considering purchasing a roller for the past few years.

The supervisors discussed the purchase at the September meeting and asked for input from residents. A roller has been used while doing work on the township roads, and the surface achieved did seem to be an improvement, lasting considerably longer as well.

In addition to dirt road improvement, the road crew has been trimming brush alongside township roads with a boom mower.

The 2013 budget is being amended after the receipt of Impact Fee monies.

Paul Karpich asked about the protocol for spending the Impact funds.
Supervisor Matthew Neenan said, “Any impact fee money to be spent will be discussed at meetings.”

Norman Kahle and Arvin Hibbard had a few questions about roadwork near their homes. Gary and Karen Radwanski wrote a letter thanking the supervisors for making contributions to the fire companies who serve the township.

Constable Thomas Vlachos presented an emergency plan to the supervisors for their review at the September meeting. This was done partly because September was National Preparedness Month, and partly because of the shooting at the Ross Township meeting in Aug. 2013.

Preston Sprout, Chief of the United Volunteer Fire Company, thanked the supervisors for the $25,000 donation. Chief Sprout told the group at the meeting that there have been six calls in Dimock and six supporting Elk Lake and Springville Fire Companies.