County tables Conservation’s proposal


The commissioners decided they needed more time to review an update to the existing memorandum of understanding with the Susquehanna County Conservation District.

On the agenda of the Oct. 9 meeting, the memorandum regarding the 88 Chenango St., Montrose, property and the District’s responsibilities regarding dams in Kingsley and Brooklyn was presented for the county’s approval.

Commissioner Michael Giangrieco said he had not seen the memorandum and said he would not second Commissioner Mary Ann Warren’s motion to approve it.

“The one I did see, I wrote ‘no’ on it,” Giangrieco said. “I don’t know what’s changed since then.”

Warren said she also thought the commissioners would first need to rescind the Memorandum of Understanding approved in June before moving forward with a new one.

Warren withdrew her motion and the commissioners tabled the item.
The county received only one bid on a project to fix County Tax Claim, Treasurer’s Office entrance.

Commissioner Alan Hall said the county is looking to have the entrance enclosed. He said the ramp to the office is in a state of disrepair.
The sole bid came in at $243,000 for the complete enclosure and the commissioners tabled the bid for review.

Giangrieco and Hall said the bid came in higher than anticipated. The county is weighing the option of awarding the bid or putting the project out to bid again.

The county approved an agreement with MCM Consulting Group to provide consulting services for the Regional Shared Services Needs Assessment.

The county is looking at the feasibility of consolidating some of the 9-1-1 and emergency management radio systems and servers with other counties in order to lessen the cost of mandated upgrades to the county.

The total cost for the assessment is $17,500 which will be reimbursed by PEMA.

The commissioners acknowledged the hiring of Catherine Chiarella by Judge Jeffrey Hollister to the position of Assistant Office Manager at the Montrose District Court.

Audience member Vera Scroggins presented the commissioners with water test results she said came from a property owner in the Dimock area where the drilling moratorium remains in place.

Scroggins said the methane level in the water was high. The property owner’s name had been redacted from the documents she presented, she said.
Representatives from the League of Women Voters said they were hosting a local government day for high school seniors on Oct. 22 at Blue Ridge.
LWV President Julanne Skinner said she had hoped the county commissioners would be able to attend.

Hall said that the commissioners have meetings already scheduled for that morning that have a “high impact” to county taxpayers and could not be rescheduled.