Leatherstocking lays out service plans


Leatherstocking Gas Company brought gas online earlier this month to two key customers, the Montrose Area High School and the new Endless Mountains Healthcare Facility.

Now Leatherstocking Vice President of Marketing Russell Miller said the company is focusing on its commitments to connect other areas in the not too distant future.

In addition to the commitment to connect from Trehab’s Meadows at Tiffany Pines, Miller said there are about 70 other customers along the route ready to hook up to the gas service.

Leatherstocking was granted franchises by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission to act as the local gas distributor in the Montrose, New Milford, Susquehanna and several other municipalities in the county.
Miller said the company now has “a lot on our plate.”

In addition to keeping with its commitment to connect other areas, Leatherstocking will be focusing on Montrose, in particular, this winter.
Miller said the company will be canvassing the borough and looking to add 200 to 300 customers and bring gas to Lathrop Street Elementary, businesses along Grow Avenue and Public Avenue.

“There’s been a tremendous response from residential customers from the Lake Avenue area,” Miller said.

Right now, according to the Leatherstocking spokesman said, the company anticipates bringing natural gas service into the borough of Montrose next year with five miles of pipe to connect anchor customers.

“We’re close,” Miller said. “We’re looking to meet the schedule outlined in the community and maybe accelerating it when we can.”

The company has set up an operations office in Montrose that mostly handles the construction end of the business.

But Leatherstocking is looking to set up a storefront in the area. Miller said they are also looking to establish a secure online site to handle billing and contracts safely and securely.

Miller said, “We’re excited to work in a community where people are positive about things.”