Susquehanna School District continues to approve staff positions


Susquehanna Community School District board of directors met on October 16 with a quorum of five members present.

President Steven Stanford, Vice-President Clay Weaver, Secretary Evelyn Cottrell and Jason Chamberlain were not in attendance. Left to make the decisions for the October meeting were: Lori Canfield, Jason Chamberlain, Amanda Cook, Holly Kubas and Martha Stanford. Chamberlain presided as president pro tem for the meeting.

The board approved a settlement of a matter concerning a special education student. The terms of the settlement include the establishment of an education fund and the reimbursing of attorney’s fees.

As there is no November meeting, Superintendent Bronson Stone was granted permission to tentatively hire pending board approval for any vacancies that may occur between October 19, 2013 and December 4, 2012. The business office was also granted permission to pay bills during that period. The next regular board meeting will be December 4.

Matters given board approval were: the revised Memorandum of Understanding between the Claire Williams O’Neill Foundation and the district; snow removal with Larry Todd at a rate of $26 per occurrence; the contract for Homestead/Farmstead printing services between Government Software Services, Inc. and the district for the 2014 fiscal year; a donation to the Susquehanna Fire Department in the amount of $100.

Under personnel, the board approved time off for Susan Whitney from December 16 to 20; the resignations of Kris Gardner as basketball coach effective October 4 and Debra Benson as ticket taker effective September 30.

The board approved hiring the following for staff positions: Karyn Armitage, Debra Stone, Dan Maurer and Sarah Krause for elementary after school tutoring; Elizabeth Updyke, Matthew Misiura, Stephen Nayduch and Ryan Gilleran for high school after school tutoring; Joel Hubal, substitute maintenance; Ed Krug, softball coach; Jeff Baldwin, basketball coach; Alice Rhone, track helper and substitute basketball scorer; Jessica Welch, track helper and Carol Bushong, boys basketball ticket taker.

The following volunteers were given board approval: Jami Hyndshaw for 5th and 6th grade girls basketball coach; Debbie Branning, varsity basketball cheerleader.

The following teachers were given approval to attend a Disorders Clinic Workshop in Endicott on December 6th: Thomas Adornato; Andrea Sanders, Carmen Maby; Carla Perry.

Among the many requests for field trips, training sessions and use of the facilities approved was a natural gas site field trip for students; Local Government Day at Blue Ridge for senior students; elementary school cafeteria for Junior Sabers Football Awards Ceremony on November 3rd; Kim Burdick and Life Skills class to Riverside Lanes for bowling (Special Olympics) October 28th; Dakota Irwin, Tyler Petriello and Brandy Towner Charity Drive to collect winder gear for elementary students, November 4th to 22nd; Windwood Hill Dance Academy use of auditorium for dance show on December 15th; Austin Felter and Christian Miller for basketball tournament for grades 5-12 with proceeds donated to Johnson famiy; Ariana Hagopian to conduct a Self Esteem Program for 5th and 6th grade-senior project.