Mountain View appoints wrestling coach


Mt. View School District approved the appointment of Ken Decker as varsity wresting coach for the 2013-14 season at its meeting Monday night, Nov. 11.
High school principal Robert Presley said about 20 students are signed up for wrestling.

“There are quite a few boys in grades 7 to 9 interested in participating,” Presley stated, “and we’re still in need of a junior high coach.”

He said the team would be able to participate in some competitions, but the physical examination requirements will have to be met first.

“The physical is a little different from other sports,” Presley explained, “because they have to have body fat and hydration testing to closely monitor weight loss. They can’t go below a certain weight in a given period of time. They have to meet exact weight requirements to compete in their weight classifications.”

He said no home meets would be possible this season because the school’s existing wrestling mat does not meet league standards.

“The circle is the right size,” he said, “but the area around the circle has been reduced over the years because of refurbishing. At least five feet of mat is required around the circle. They’re good for practice, though.”

Presley also asked the board why the district restricted teams from participating in tournaments during the past few years.

“A single tournament can earn as much as three league participation points,” he told the board, “but dual meets only earn one. If transportation cost was the issue for preventing tournament play, it’s a wash because one trip to a tournament can replace three dual tournament trips and still earn the same number of participation points.”

During a discussion that followed, board members considered a transportation cost comparison presented by Presley, and agreed to review the ban on tournament participation.

“I would have to see a list of tournaments and costs before making a decision,” school director Roy Twining told Presley.

Presley agreed to compile a list of tournaments and present it to the board. He also recommended that tournament participation apply to all sports, not just wrestling.

In other business, Danielle Scott of Kingsley expressed her concern about the recent addition of elementary students being able to purchase three extra lunch items a la carte.

“Last week, they started being able to choose from fruit roll-ups, cereal bars, chips, cookies, and yogurt as extras,” she said. “They’re 90 cents each, so my lunch bill is going through the roof. The kids take everything they can get.”

Board members were surprised to hear of the change in cafeteria procedure, and Superintendent Francine Shea and business manager Joseph Patchkoski said they would investigate.

Glen Wilder of Clifford was approved as girls’ junior high basketball coach.
Directors-elect Jason Casselbury of Lathrop and Jason Richmond of Brooklyn also attended the meeting.