Tanker traffic posing problem in Hop Bottom


Heavy tanker traffic is plaguing Hop Bottom Borough, concluded this month’s police report, read Tuesday night at the firehall while the election pre-empted the borough building.

The tankers pose a particular problem at the point where State Route 167 turns left and becomes Main Street of Hop Bottom.

“They are not stopping at the sign, where they turn onto Main Street,” said Mayor Paul Henry, who reads the police report each month compiled by Chief Ron Cosklo.

Cosklo’s report noted “concentrations on South Center Street and the Stop sign at the entrance to Main Street having heavy tanker traffic.”

Hop Bottom’s preliminary budget was distributed with the agenda at the meeting, and will be advertised and made available for public view. Total revenues were estimated at $127,640.10, and total expenditures at $127,553.36, after a transfer was made to capitol funds, according to Secretary Deb Norton.

During the budget review, Councilwoman Janice Webster asked what the average liquid fuels consumption is for the borough. Norton said that $11,450 was last year’s fuel expenditure, and that it was not a heavy year.

“The Liquid fuels allocation is between $7,000 and $7,300 a year,” Norton said. “$5,000 is budgeted for snow removal.”

Norton said she has set aside $20,000 in capital funds to transfer into long term operating capital funds, for projects like road repairs or catch basin work.

“We really don’t need the building account or sanitation fund any more,” she said. “These two total $11,000, so they can be transferred into the general operating fund,” she said. She also noted that. $14,000 was transferred into savings or long term funds.

The budget is ready to advertise, she concluded.

Another camper may be occupied within the borough limits, it was noted. Norton sent a letter, with a copy of the camper ordinance attached, to property owners on Station Hill Road, not far from Hal Akoa’s former residence.

Akoa, who was featured monthly in the council agenda, lived in a camper in Hop Bottom with a number of dogs, until his poor health and property conditions caused the borough to intervene. Akoa visited his Hop Bottom property recently for a few days, but is no longer there, the mayor said. He was sent a copy of the new ordinance.

Seven natural gas well site notifications from the state Department of Environmental Protection were received, Norton said.

Gary Sanauskas submitted a bid for snow removal service for the borough, which was the only bid received, at $100 per hour, same as last year, which was approved.

Ron Baronovich reported on the park, and said that the leaves have been removed, mowing is done for the year, and that he would like to spread some fertilizer on the lawn area in the park, which was approved by council.
Mayor Paul Henry thanked Adam Diaz for his help with the park.

The borough hall project is completed for the most part, and council is waiting for an estimate on additional work. Webster finished the landscaping. The building’s gutters need to be cleaned, and gutter guards will be added when they are cleaned. Webster said she would take care of this.

The Martens Creek watershed project was reported on by Webster. She said that a FEMA representative had stopped by before the government shut down, and that the project had fallen three weeks behind by that time.

The Christmas lights will be hung up around town on Nov. 23 starting at 9 a.m.

The Christmas tree lighting ceremony will be held on the first Saturday after Thanksgiving.

Hop Bottom Borough Council meets on the first Tuesday of the month at the borough hall on Forest Street.