Lady Meteors favored in Division IV

Times Shamrock Writer

It’s a familiar tune in Division IV girls’ basketball as Montrose and Forest City are the top two picks.

“We look very good,” said Montrose junior guard Meghan Gilhool, one of four starters back. “We have a lot of girls coming back and we have a lot of girls who got some varsity time. We also have a deeper bench and those players are looking very good for us.”

Versatile Myra Lattimore, center Morgan Lattimore and guard Nicki Lewis give the Lady Meteors reason for optimism, but Forest City, with a new head coach in Natalie Winters and two league all-stars in Carly Erdmann and Cassandra Bendyk, won’t make things easy for the favorites.

“Forest City is our biggest competition, but we will be ready for them,” Gilhool said. “And Susquehanna and Mountain View always have athletic girls and they have new coaches, so we’ll have to see when we get there.”

Division IV Teams


Home court: Montrose High School
Last season: 14-10
Head coach: Al Smith
Returning starters: Myra Lattimore, Sr., G; Nicki Lewis, Sr., G; Meghan Gilhool, Jr., G; Morgan Groover, Jr., F.
Other returnees: Angela Russell, Jr., G; Fallon Gurn, Jr., F; Kourtney Sniger, So., F; Ashley Birchard, So., F; Mikayla Pike, So., F.
Newcomers: None.


Home court: Forest City Elementary
Last season: 12-10
Head coach: Natalie Winters
Returning starters: Cassandra Bendyk, Sr., F; Carly Erdmann, Sr., G; Michaela Martines, Sr., G; Katelyn Zembrzycki, Jr., F.
Other returnees: Madison McGraw, Jr., G; Anna Congdon, So., G; Larissa Grigaitis, So., F; Kristine Komar, Sr., G.
Newcomers: Kendra Bendyk, Fr., F; Caitlyn Bonham, Fr., G; Haley Gillespie, Fr., F; Morgan Gillespie, Fr., G; Jen Korty, Fr., G; Emily Lewis, Fr., G.


Home court: Blue Ridge High School
Last season: 1-22
Head coaches: Nicole Wellman and Paula Finn
Returning: Jenna Bennett, Sr.; Lindsey Burdick, Sr.; Sierra Hall, Sr.; Jessica Loomis, Sr.; Shania Yachymiak, Sr.; Amber Brecht, So.; Taylor Bronson, So.; Kimberly Klim, So.; Abigail Roe, So.
Newcomers: Samantha Frailey, Sr.; Isabella Cosmello, Fr.; Megan Houlihan, Fr.; Skylar Ross, Fr.; Hunter Vaughn, Fr.; Callie Wyatt, Fr.


Home court: Elk Lake High School
Last season: 10-13
Head coach: Alicia Traver
Returning starter: Casey Tyler, Sr., Wing.
Other returnees: Darci Warner, So., Post; Sabrina Clark, Jr., Wing.
Newcomers: Carrie Jones, Fr., Post; Justine Johns, Fr., Point; Amanda Mowry, Fr., Wing; Julie VanEtten, Fr., Point.


Home court: Mountain View High School
Last season: 5-17
Head coach: Tom Rudzinski
Returning starters: Megan Getz, Sr.; Paige Seymour, Sr.; Makenna Whitaker, Jr.
Other returnees: Christine Zeck, Sr.; Sarah Nichols, Sr.; Ariana Gabriel, Jr.; Paige Spencer, Jr.; Missy Yarrish, Jr.; Tori Wilder, Jr.; Samantha Krisa, So.
Newcomers: Mikaela Phillips, Sr.; Natalie Parjane, So.; Kylie Jerauld, So.; Cailin Burney, Fr.; Natalie Ransom, Fr.; Brooke Zupanovich, Fr.; Jamie Supanich, Fr.; Emily Shevchuk, Fr.


Home court: Susquehanna Community High School
Last season: 5-17
Head coach: Errol Mannick
Returning starter: Mashawna Hargett, Sr., G.
Other returnees: Molly Mroz, Sr., G/F; Amber Dubanowitz, Sr., F; Sarah Serifillipi, Sr., C; Chasity Carvin, Sr., F; Mikaela Hargett, Jr., G; Gabby Cina, So., F/C; Alyssa Sweeney, So., G; Haley Aldrich, So., F; D.J. Decker, So., F; Alyssa Hubal, So., G; Cori Glidden, So., G.
Newcomers: Nicole Barnes, Jr., G; Dovie Macazan, Jr., G; Taylor Williams, Fr., G; Taylor Bennett, Fr., G; Lauren Soden, Fr., G; Myra Hargett, Fr., G.