Elk Lake welcomes former member back to board


The Elk Lake School Board reorganized Thursday after a school board dinner, an executive session, and the Susquehanna County Career and Technology Center meeting.

Anne Teel was re-elected president, as was Matt Curley for vice president.
The board voted to not raise taxes above the index rate, which is 2.9 percent for the district, in compliance with Act 1.

Jack Sible, who represented Auburn Township until four years ago, won the election over Diane Ives and attended his first meeting Thursday. “Does it all seem familiar?” he was asked. “Not this part,” Sible answered, nodding toward the laptop in front of him, with BoardDOCS displaying the agenda.
Teel said, “I want to welcome Mr. Sible back to our board, and we look forward to working with you over the next four years.”

Re-elected school board members are Donica McGee, region 8; Eric Emmerick, region 9, and Arden Tewksbury, Wyoming County. Returning school board members include Harold Bender, Alice Carr, Chuck Place, Matt Curley, and Anne Teel. Teel and Bender were assigned as check signers.

Superintendent Bill Bush noted that he has been working with the energy savings company, Johnson Controls, and Nick Sracic to work out some stipulations regarding the district’s switch to natural gas.

He said that three stipulations for the agreement with Leatherstocking include that the commodity component is to be competitively procured; that the contract insure that the district can be provided with an alternative gas source if necessary; and that the natural gas company be able to supply the fuel by Oct. 1.

If it is not possible for Leatherstocking to supply natural gas as a utility to the school by Oct. 1, the district will purchase commodity gas.
These provisions are to ensure that the district will be able to successfully switch in time for cold weather for the next school year, as the boilers will have been converted by then, and it will not be possible to use fuel oil.

Bush said that these stipulations do not need to be voted upon by the board at this time, and that there remains some time to review.

Personnel actions taken by the board included:
*Erica Shuren was approved for an associate position.
*A leave request for Jessica Lunger was approved beginning Mar. 17.
*Tammy Darling was approved for medical leave for surgery from Nov. 12-Jan. 16, using accumulated sick time.

A payment was approved to Ultracon Inc. for $32,931.27 for removal of an underground fuel tank and installation of a new, above ground tank.
Title III funding was received in the amount of $2,888.

Elementary principal Ken Cuomo reported that as part of the observation process, teachers are required to take data using video recorders while they are being assessed.

Grades three, four and five completed the first online assessments ever conducted at Elk Lake, Cuomo said, and were surprisingly adept at performing these tests.

High school principal Brian Mallery said that the high school librarian, Kris Morahan, is making applications available so that students can download books onto their own devices at the library.

He also commended Kathleen Amabile, who directed both the junior high band and chorus at last week’s concert and said it was an outstanding performance.

Mallery also noted a change of date for the first swim meet, to Dec. 12.
Teel said that she attended the Elk Lake Alumni basketball game, and that “It was fabulous.”

The Elk Lake Elementary Concert will be held on Dec. 18 at 7 p.m.. The High School Band and Chorus Concert will be held on Thursday at 7 p.m.