WPX obtains order to remove buffaloes


WPX Energy plans to return to a Franklin Twp. home on Monday – this time coming with a court order – to disconnect the water system that has been in place since March 2012.

After being blocked from removing a water buffalo at the Hadlick residence on Nov. 1, the natural gas drilling company opted to seek a court order to enter the property located on Route 29 in Franklin Forks.

The Hadlicks and two other families maintain natural gas drilling contaminated their water wells.

WPX Energy spokesperson Susan Oliver said the families had been given 90-days to acquire their own water supplies. She said WPX offered to bring the water wells back online but the families declined that offer.

After a 16-month investigation, DEP found earlier this year that natural gas drilling was not responsible for the contaminated water in the community located about five miles north of Montrose.

The Tulsa, Okla. company decided the Hadlick’s and the other two families experiencing issues needed a permanent solution to the water problems instead of the temporary system put in place by the gas driller, Oliver said.

The company began supplying water to three residents in March 2012, those deliveries were halted in the months following the DEP investigation.

WPX spokesperson Susan Oliver said the attorney acting on behalf of the family set the Dec. 16 date for the removal of the equipment. She said WPX offered for the families’ to purchase the equipment but had been told they already had equipment or equipment had been ordered.

In November, WPX employees and contractors were met by demonstrators at the property.

She said the company has received emails from individuals purporting to reach out to WPX on behalf of the Franklin Twp. families, but she said the company is not negotiating only through the families’ attorneys.

Oliver said WPX and contractors will be on hand to remove the water buffaloes Monday morning and the company is prepared to fill up the water tanks once with potable water.

  • FrackDaddy

    Thanks for the Update Staci! This article mentions that family’s say they have already bought or ordered new equipment, Which was stated in November when they said they had received a donated tank from a Dimock family and one was on order at Tractor Supply. But now the Anti crowd is raising money to buy new equipment? Sounds like it is more of a publicity stunt than a fundraising. These Joker’s are planning a “civil disobedience” to block WPX from entering the property. I hope they all get arrested! It is time we stop this Circus that these people have made of our town! Please see link to see the Donations they are asking for and there plan for Monday.


  • The_White_Rabbit

    There has been no released report from PADEP that states there is no contamination. The report is considered CONFIDENTIAL. Logically this should apply to most PADEP and USEPA reports as they also contain residential data but guess don’t ask for logic from a few of these companies.