Weather wreaks havoc on sports schedules

Sports Correspondent

Winter is fully upon Susquehanna County and its harsh effects are apparent to anyone associated with high school sports.

Just as regular season play is getting underway, the weather has cancelled school, practices and games. Some local school districts have already accumulated a significant number of snow days.

Mountain View Athletic Director Jan Price said, “We aren’t too bad with Winter Break. We are only down one girls’ game that we will make up next week. The storms have wreaked havoc with practice time.”

Price said feels badly for the students who are missing their practice time and having their schedules messed up.

Myra Lattimore, a senior basketball player at Montrose agrees. “It’s been tough because in previous years you get a pattern going, so it’s been hard to get the game and practice rhythm and the flow of the season going. Days when you have a big game like (Saturday’s against Holy Cross), but haven’t practiced for three days.”

Families have also been affected by the bad weather. Price noted that it is hard for families to readjust their busy schedules to accommodate the changes which sometimes lead to transportation issues for the players who might not be able to get to a rescheduled game if their parents have to work.

Family members also feel the ill effects of the weather-related scheduling changes.

Michael Rapisardi of Brackney, a sophomore at Mansfield University, is home for winter break and was a bit disappointed that some of the games had to be cancelled.

“I was hoping to see my younger sister and brother play more while I was home from college, but due to the weather I didn’t get the opportunity to watch as many games as I would’ve liked,” Rapisardi said.

Since it is still early in the season, the athletic directors are not yet into crunch time with trying to reschedule games before playoffs begin.

This does make the situation a bit easier because there are more weeks left in the schedule to play games, but it can be quite a headache trying to reschedule up to six games if all levels of basketball (Junior High, Junior Varsity, and Varsity for boys and girls) miss a game or two. Add wrestling and swimming into the equation and the athletic directors have their hands full.

Gym availability, scheduling referees, and transportation issues also have to be considered when rescheduling games or matches. Montrose Athletic Director Joe Gilhool said, “We have no control over the weather and we have to adjust accordingly even though it causes problems with family schedules and team schedules.”