Harford lawsuits resolved


Two lawsuits lodged against Harford Township by residents of the Tingley Lake community have been settled, according to supervisors.

Supervisor Sue Furney said at the Tuesday, Feb. 11 meeting, the township was verbally notified by their insurance company that both suits have been settled.

The first suit filed by residents stemmed from flood damage they claim resulted from a collapsed and clogged pipe under Stearns Road, while the other legal matter, Stover vs. Harford Township, was filed by another resident over similar issues.

A new pipe was installed in early February 2012, resolving the situation about two years after the incident occurred.

In other business, it was noted that former supervisor Garry Foltz returned tapes of the Harford Township meetings that he had borrowed. At the reorganization meeting, Foltz asked what would be done with the meeting tape recordings.

Following a discussion, the supervisors determined the recordings would be kept on file for a minimum of seven years.

At the Feb. 11 meeting, Foltz asked if the minutes could be amended to say that tapes could be retained indefinitely. This was agreed upon by the supervisors.

Supervisors also unanimously approved a resolution that items should not be removed from township property without being signed out. Foltz questioned if most items requested would fall under public records.

Phelps said the resolution applied to more than documents, including any and all items.

The township received one non-surface, gas lease bid from Cabot Oil & Gas Corp. for 1.38 acres owned by the township in the amount of $4,830 at 18.75 percent royalties. The supervisors accepted the bid.

The supervisors also approved a lease and financing for a 2014 CAT 924K loader.

Several members of the Harford Baseball Association in attendance thanked the supervisors for their ongoing support, and asked for a donation toward the purchase of a new scoreboard. The supervisors agreed to give $1,000 toward the scoreboard, as well as cover the permit fee, if required.

Fire police were acknowledged by the supervisors, and eight membership cards were signed.

Foltz asked, “Who determines whether or not to do something with the roads?”
He was told that Roadmaster Jim Phelps or the assistant roadmaster, Supervisor Doug Phelps makes that determination.

The township is soliciting bids for road materials, as well as gasoline and diesel fuel.