Montrose girls return veteran team to track

Times Shamrock Writer

Montrose is coming off an undefeated season in the division and a runner-up in the District 2 Class AA team championship, and returns the heart of its lineup.

All-Region sprinter Myra Lattimore and All-Region mid-distance runner Allison Lewis are both back and will join forces with Meghan Gilhool and Samantha Bennici, again to try and repeat as district Class AA champions in the 1,600 relay.

Another All-Region performer Madelyn Pasteka returns but is recovering from a torn ACL.

“We are really excited,” Lewis said. “It’s nice to have one more season with these girls. You know for two years we have been saying this team is young, and now we are all veterans.

“We are hoping to compete in the division. We are going to have great competition from Elk Lake. We are going to work really hard to defend our title.”

Elk Lake will be led by returning All-Region javelin thrower Taylor Watkins and conference all-star Kenzie Jones in the distance races.

Blue Ridge will be led by Lindsey Rupakus, who is a returning district medal winner in the hurdles, and sprinter Katherine Kempa.


Home track: Blue Ridge HS
Last season: 3-2
Head coach: Joe Kempa
Returning: Sierra Hall, Sr.; Logan Ellis, Sr.; Lindsey Burdick, Sr.; Katherine Kempa, Jr.; Erin Perry, Jr.; Lauren Whitney, Jr.; Casey Purdum, Jr.; Kassidy Potter, So.; Lindsey Rupakus, So.; Kimberly Klim, So.; Kathryn Carpenter, So.; Dorie Penny, So.; Brianna Brewer, So.; Amber Brecht, So.; Summer Bledsoe, So.; Katee Allen, So.
Newcomers: Isabella Cosmello, Fr.; Jessie Purdum, Fr.; Kandace Smith, Fr.


Home track: Elk Lake High School
Last season: 4-1
Head coach: Will Squier
Returning: Rachel Manzek, Sr.; Elizabeth Trowbridge, Sr.; Kenzie Jones, Jr.; Olivia Laudeman, Sr.; Emily Forba, Jr.; Taylor Watkins, Sr.; Brook Seamans, Sr.; Julie VanEtten, So.; Katie Bennett, So.; Megyn Stevens, Jr.
Newcomers: Lexi Hemenway, Fr.; Adrianna Parrett, So.; Mikaela Parrett, So.
Home track: Lackawanna Trail HS
Last season: 2-3
Head coach: Jeremy Popiel
Returning: Katie Siegle, Sr.; Rachel Johnson; Marissa Pasanitti, Jr.
Newcomers: Ashleigh Clarke, Fr.

Home track: Montrose HS
Last season: 5-0
Head coach: Sean Castellani
Returning: Allison Lewis, Sr.; Samantha Bennici, Sr.; Myra Lattimore, Sr.; Rebecca Timm, Sr.; Brianna Thompson, Sr.; Madelyn Pasteka, Jr.; Meghan Gilhool, Jr.; Hannah Dieck, Jr.; Angela Russell, Jr.; Emma Washo, Jr.; Fallon Gurn, Jr.; Mara Blachek, Jr.; Jessica Cobb, Jr.; Emma Griffiths, So.; Samantha Stack, So.; Michaela Pike, So.; Nichole Kimmel, So.; Bethany Evans, So.
Newcomers: Laura Brink, Sr.; Marissa Vanness, Jr.; Abbey Capwell, Jr.; Taylor Warner, So.; Audra Everitt, So.; Gianna Barkan, Fr.; Alexis Dabulewicz, Fr.; Paige Dolaway, Fr.; Courtney Henry, Fr.; Mikayla Henry, Fr.; Amber Kadlecik, Fr.; Lindsey Kerr, Fr.; Taylor Goff, Fr.; Brittany Bennett, Fr.; Meghan Hitchcock, Fr.; Anneliese Mittman, Fr.; Krysten Morgan, Fr.; Rebecca Pike, Fr.; Madison Purtell, Fr.; Hayley Russell, Fr.; Ashley Survilla-Mead, Fr.

Home track: Mountain View HS
Last season: 0-5
Head coach: Melody Haley
Returning: Sabrina Fallon, Jr.; Stephanie Oster, So.; Allison Virbitsky, Jr.; Emily Supancik, Jr.; Emily Miller, So.; Alyssa Royce, Jr.; Kerry Gaynor, Sr.; Lindsey Hanas, Jr.
Newcomers: Alexia Presley, So.; Dempsey Hollenbeck, So.

Home track: Susquehanna HS
Last season: 1-4
Head coach: Jeff Hall
Returning: Sarah Serfilippi, Sr.; Rachel Hubal, Sr.; Emily Staros, Sr.; Abigail Day, Jr.; Kayla Swartz, Jr.; Molly Mroz, Sr.; Susie Chamberlain, Jr.; Ivy Christensen, Jr.; Jessica Plutino, Jr.; Katie Greene, So.
Newcomers: Hannah Day, Fr.; Saige Perry, Fr.