Leatherstocking seeks Montrose gas customers


Leatherstocking Gas Company is looking for customers in Montrose Borough who would like to hook up to the natural gas utility in time for this autumn’s heating season.

A public informational meeting with Leatherstocking will be held Monday at 7 p.m. at the Montrose Area High School auditorium.

Montrose Borough Councilman Craig Reimel noted at the Monday, April 7 borough meeting, that the Leatherstocking event was originally planned to be held at the Montrose Theater, but a change in venue was necessary, as 300-500 people are expected to attend.

“The easements they required of the borough have already been granted,” Council President Tom LaMont said.

All of Montrose borough as well as the area near the golf course should be hooked up in time for cold weather, Reimel said.

This year, four-inch mains to the center of town are being installed; then narrower pipes will be hooked up along right of ways and in parking lots.
The bathroom construction project for Memorial Park will be advertised for bids.

The borough received a letter requesting a donation of $500 toward a feasibility study for a multiuse athletics and events dome to be located in the county. No action was taken by the borough.

The borough is currently without a zoning officer. After advertising for two weeks in three newspapers, two bids were received, both from companies.

Council members discussed the pros and cons of hiring a company versus an individual zoning officer.

Councilman Sean Granahan said, “We have no one to supervise this person, and no one with the expertise to do this job.”

He said that he would give the two unopened envelopes to the personnel committee to do with as they wish.

Mary Ann Dewitt attended the meeting to present council with a petition with 44 signatures supporting the creation of a dog park in the borough.

Council members said that while they were not opposed to the idea of a dog park, they did not support a dog park inside the boundaries of the actual park. People are currently prohibited from bringing their dogs to Memorial Park.

Council approved the purchase of a police vehicle. After looking at COSTARS prices for SUVs and utility vehicles, it was suggested that they look into a CNG powered vehicle which are becoming available in the area.