New Milford lacks quorum


With only two council members present, Thursday’s New Milford Borough meeting was canceled for lack of a quorum.

An executive session was held prior to the meeting regarding pending litigation. When a quorum was not reached, the meeting was cancelled by Council President Ken Carey, but he said that a public comment period could be held, even though nothing could be voted upon or approved.

Those attending had a few questions. First, a visitor asked about the borough sidewalks. Carey said that the issue would be included in an upcoming comprehensive plan and strategic plan discussion.

A Southwestern Energy representative was seeking council permission to use a vibe truck on Church Street, as the PA Department of Transportation could give permission for seismic testing of Main St.

He also asked if the sensor equipment could be placed in the borough right of way between the road and sidewalk rather than on residence lawns.

Mayor Scott Smith said that nothing could be approved or denied at this meeting.

Southwestern will notify the borough prior to beginning seismic testing.

Council member Teri Gulick asked which side of the road they would be using: sewer pipes are on one side, water lines on the other. She also said that the company would be required to obtain the permission of property owners to perform the tests at the roadside.

For PennDOT’s Main Street bridge project, one lane will be closed at a time during the project.

The next borough council meeting will be held Thursday, April 17 at 7 p.m., at the borough hall, Main St., New Milford.