Extreme cold likely cause of Dimock dead fish


Fish in some local ponds did not make through the harsh winter weather, including one Dimock Twp. body of water where a “fish kill” was recently reported.

Pa. Dept. of Environmental Protection spokesperson Colleen Connolly said an agency Water Pollution biologist, along with DEP Oil and Gas inspectors, looked into the Dimock fish kill event. Both the biologist and inspectors determined that the fish kill was likely caused by a lack of dissolved oxygen in the water – the fish could not get oxygen and died.

Connolly said, “This is a natural occurrence that has been happening at several ponds in the northeast part of (Pennsylvania); most likely due to frozen waters caused by the extremely cold winter.”

Connolly said the state agency determined that nearby natural gas activities had nothing to do with the dead fish found in a pond located near a well pad.

Natural gas opponent Vera Scroggins asserted otherwise at the Wednesday morning Susquehanna County Commissioners’ meeting, claiming the dead fish were tied to natural gas drilling.

She also told the elected officials that a Brooklyn Twp. resident has recently claimed their water well at the home was contaminated by natural gas drilling.

Scroggins brought a bottle of what she claimed was water contaminated by natural gas drilling to the county commissioners meeting; approached the commissioners’ table with it and said, “I want to present you with contaminated water.”

Commissioner Alan Hall told Scroggins to back away and to remove the bottle from the table.

The anti-gas activist implored the commissioners to issue a proclamation declaring a “water emergency” in Susquehanna County and she advocated running water lines to areas where she claims water wells have been affected by drilling.

She also told the commissioners that “investigators” have been in the county since Monday (April 7) and are looking into elected officials at the request of “people who feel they are not getting enough help.”

An unidentified audience member asked if the county tracked the number of residents who are being supplied water by natural gas companies.

Commissioner Alan Hall told the woman that information was handled at the state level.

  • Fracked

    correction, the audience member did not ask who was getting water from the gas company..I asked if they kept track of how many residents of their county were using replacement water. I did not mention the word contamination nor did I mention the gas company. Please do not misquote me.

  • http://williamahuston.blogspot.com/ William Huston

    The Susquehanna County Commissioners are one of the most corrupt governmental bodies I have ever witnessed, esp Alan Hall and Michael Giangrieco. MaryAnn Warren rarely says anything and just goes with the others. They happily approve anything related to gas drilling, and they are completely dismissive about any complaints about water contamination, of which they are MANY in the county. Giangrieco’s prime function seems to be his “Motion to Adjorun!” at the end, usually while audience members start bringing up complaints. I went as a representative from a NY DOWNSTREAM community to say we are not happy with these activities and how they are affecting the Susquehanna River, and they threatened to have me arrested.

    These commissioners are utterly negligent in performing their duties in protecting their community. Why? Seem to be complicit with the industry which is destroying this beautiful county…. So I hope FBI, the OIG, the AG or whatever agencies are looking into corruption looks hard at these three people. Check their bank records for outside income. Get these three deposed and on the record. Seems to me VERY likely these three are “on the take”. What else could explain their behavior? Why else would they not care the citizens of their county are being POISONED?

  • FrackDaddy

    Bill, No One In Susquehanna County cares one bit about you or what you have to say. Why don’t you keep your nose in Johnson City where it belongs. However I do find it ironic that you make these accusations when you are the king of Lying for your cause and false accusations. No one here is poisoned, And we want NG here. You feel as if you are smarter than everyone, and know what’s best. When in fact you are a few French Fries short of a Happy Meal. I think you have enough problems in BC you should worry about. And stay the hell away from our County. So go do what you do best make up lies and post pictures of hitler! Be warned I called WICZ and had your last Hitler pic removed, I will consider the next one a hate crime and the police will be called. Enjoy another Holiday alone!

  • FrackDaddy

    That bottle should have confiscated immediately and tested. Funny how they like to show this “Contaminated” Water but never want it tested. First Craig Sautner, Then Craig Stevens take that brown jug all over the county but no one has ever been allowed to test it. And they have not done so them selves. Seem the testing from these mystery jugs would prove there stance is true, Open And Shut so why after 6 years has it not been done?????????? And we are suppose to believe the lying trespasser knows more about Biology than a biologist? But being from New Jersey and Long Island she may know a thing or two about dead fish….

  • http://williamahuston.blogspot.com/ William Huston

    We have no proof you even live in Susquehanna County. Maybe you’re an EID stooge from Pittsburgh. Who knows? You’ve claimed to live in Little Meadows AND that you “live 1134 feet from the bore hole”. You mean a fracked gas well? Guess what? Both of those things can’t be true. …. Who is the Liar, Mr. F. Daddy? Even you username is a deception.

    Why not BE A MAN and tell us you you are, so we can do some research into you, your bias, and more importantly, WHO IS PAYING YOU to defame people online.

    You’ve called me a liar many times. That requires proving TWO things. 1) false information 2) intent to deceive. Forget about #2 for the moment. How about you find me one false statement I’ve made, which I have not corrected? I’m not perfect. I do make mistakes. But I NEVER lie. If you cannot find one example of an ERROR, let alone a LIE, then each time you call me a liar is CRIMINAL DEFAMATION. So keep it up! One day we will find out who you really are, and I will enjoy seeking appropriate civil remedy against your shill-self.

  • http://williamahuston.blogspot.com/ William Huston

    PS: Hate crime? Are you insane? What is the difference between the salute to a flag and the Hitler salute? I can’t even understand what it means to have allegiance to a piece of cloth.

    The Hitler pic was 100% appropriate. You were claiming that if someone refuses to make a “Pledge of Allegiance” to an inanimate object that they are somehow anti-American.

    I was pointing out to you that compulsory Loyalty Oaths are fundamentally opposed to the the principles OUR FREE NATION. and I find it very interesting that FRACKERS like you are wrapping your activities in an American Flag. Maybe that came down from your bosses in the PSYOPS division of the American Petroleum Institute?

    We saw this at the recent FERC hearings on the Constitution Pipeline, where the big union boys who were bused in from 100+ miles away, all dressed in yellow or orange shirts used their time allotted TO COMMENT ON THE DRAFT ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT STATEMENT to do the pledge of allegiance.

    Baseball, Chevrolet, American Flags, Hot Dogs, and Fracking.
    Sorry, I don’t buy it.

    Jingoism, Nationalism, White Pride, Nazism, KKK, Religious Fundamentalism, Feudalism…. all use Loyalty Oaths to a Flag, Party, Nation, Holy Book, Feudal Lord, or to Der Furher, as arbitrary symbols to represent Loyalty, Fealty TO MAINTAIN CONTROL OVER FREE THOUGHT.

    Look at history. German citizens saluting Der Fuhrer while millions of Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, and political dissidents were being exterminated.

    Now we have fracking destroying the great state of Pennsylvania and you are talking about saluting a flag. YOU ARE ONE TWISTED DUDE.

    If anyone here is Anti-American it is people like YOU who cheerlead for trans-national corporations to DESTROY AMERICAN for money.

  • http://williamahuston.blogspot.com/ William Huston

    There have been HUNDREDS of water tests in Susquehanna County which have shown water contamination from drilling and fracking. Are you not paying attention? Too busy counting your money?

    Here is a video showing Scott Ely filling a jug right from his hand-pump on his water well with BROWN GOO. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JnS27QhrhkE

    Here is a video at Ray Kemble’s house where there is a greenish gel coming out of his well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qls7WydAF7Y You can’t tell from the video, but this “water” had a strong musky order.

    I don’t know about you, but I DO NOT NEED A TEST to know that water which looks/smells like this is not safe to drink. Only a PAID SHILL would say the things you say.

  • FrackDaddy

    Hey Wack Job! Pictures of Hitler are never 100% appropriate. A picture of Hitler does the same to Jewish people as Pictures of Klan do to African Americans. And if it was So appropriate why was it removed? If you post pics of Hitler you are a raciest, If you don’t salute the flag you are dirt bag! There is a difference. As I said you have been warned. And as for your second comment. Anyone with half a brain can tell you are a liar. And if you plan on suing me for ” each time you call me a liar is CRIMINAL DEFAMATION” then the same goes evey time you call me a paid shill. Vic proved how you pay people $400 a week plus benefits to protest frac’n so we know who the real paid shills are. And yes YOU ARE A LIAR! And “tell us you you are, so we can do some research into you” exactly why I HAVE to use a screen name and I had to make it private. You are a man with severe mental issues and not one I want around me or my family. And I don’t think there is enough time in the day to compile all your lies. Lets start here http://williamahuston.blogspot.com/ Start with today and go back to the beginning.
    Enjoy you TV dinners while you are alone for the Holiday.

  • FrackDaddy

    So wait you liar! You call for water testing all the time. But only when it is convenient for you. See what I am saying you are a NUT JOB.

  • http://williamahuston.blogspot.com/ William Huston

    > Pictures of Hitler are never 100% appropriate.

    Tell that to Wikipedia and the publishers of history books. They may want to know that.

    > If you post pics of Hitler you are a raciest

    No, sorry. It doesn’t mean that at all. It’s YOU who are using Jingoism to support the destruction of Pennsylvania JUST LIKE HITLER DID to support the slaughter of Jews.

    >Wack Job, dirt bag, raciest [sic], half a brain, severe mental issues, LIAR

    Wow, you are in rare form today. Above average name calling. Nice to see this, since in the absence of facts supporting your position, you resort to abuse.

  • http://williamahuston.blogspot.com/ William Huston

    Sorry, you are confused (again). I have written extensively about the traps with the call for water testing, e.g.,


    YES! Baseline testing is important where there are threats to water quality and quantity (e.g., drilling/fracking/pipelines).

    YES! When water contamination is suspected, again water testing is important when conducted by a trustworthy lab and procedures.

    However, there are MANY ways that water testing can be abused by people with a pro-industry agenda.

  • factsRtold

    Was the water run out or down to make it turn brown? If you were worried about it would you touch it without gloves? Would you let your kids touch it and then eat crackers? Wouldn’t you take the free treatment system that was offered to you?

  • Uracrackedaddy

    Frackdaddy, I have followed your posts for a while, and I must comment and ask a few questions. It seems obvious that you have benefited financially from the gas boom and are willing to spew whatever is necessary to protect those financial interests. Is your property the family farm? Or did you happen to have found yourself squating on the right piece of ground? Are you a steward of the land? You would be surprised that most people in the area do not own land and have no vested interest in the gas boom except to maintain a standard of living that does not take away from their quality of life (healthy children, traffic, potholes, demographics, housing inflation, accidents, water quality, air quality, hunting, fishing, etc.) The residents of Susquehanna County needed landowners to sign good leases. Unfortunately, most landowners signed industry drafted leases with no thought of the contingencies, and they are are going to find themselves in a bad way if their well is capped or if any accident occurs on their property. Can you say post production costs? As long as there is a question of water quality, a person living in Johnson City should be very concerned about what’s happening in Susquehanna County since it’s on the downstream watershed . The gas boom is still in its infancy and time will tell what effects there will be on those who live here, Unfortunately, the “get rich quick no diligence attitude” of a few years ago has hamstringed everybody.

  • FrackDaddy

    UraCracker, If you have been following me for so long you would know I am all for safety and regulations! And I have said dozens of times that Saying HVHF is 100% safe is as ignorant as saying a 100% ban is the answer. Stricter regs the better, More inspections the better. And again if follow me like you say you do I have answered your previous questions. As far as quality of life, Do you not think us Hic’s were smart enough to look into what effects are and weight the issues? (well some us were) I have spent the last two weekends fishing the whole county from the Upper, Middle, Lower branches of the Wylusing, Gaylord, Salt Springs, And Snake Creek all since last Saturday. Streams are fine fishing is still good, Road are just as good or better than in NY (which I drive on to work) where there is no HVHF. My lease was signed with the Friendsville Group, One of the Premier leases in the country, So yes we took our time got the best lease for us, with no production costs. And Johnson City, Have you tasted the water you can taste chlorine or a host of other “additives” put in there water, Not to mention the waster plant that but “additive” lased water into the river. Or on occasion has pumped untreated waste into the river, How about that big power plant sitting right on “His” river, What about what IBM has left Endicott with? I am just saying you should clean up your back yard before you complain about mine! Any other questions Bill?

  • FrackDaddy

    Bill, Since I don’t have the time go back and find all your lies (I have a life). I decided to just start a running list. And you did not disappoint with your latest blog post! 69% of the towns in Bradford and Susquehanna County have bad water? Do you really think anyone with half a brain would believe the 69% of two county have bad water and no one knows it but you and your “Confidential sources”? BTW I thought anyone who wanted to be “confidential” was a paid shill or industry bully? Just another example of what a hypocrite you are. But you put out your colorful propaganda map with some bold fonts and you are off fear mongering. What you CHOOSE to leave out, is Act 13 States if any complaint is made, Water must be made available while an investigation is done, Also Act 13 states that the driller will be considered at fault unless they fight to prove they were not at fault. Guilty until proven innocent! (which for the record I agree with both). Which brings me to another lie you like to spread that the gas company’s do their own testing if there is a complaint. Which is 100% false, The gas company may have to pay the bill for the testing, But it has to be done through one of a handful of PA approved labs. I do believe the gas company can pick which approved company they use. And last another fact you like to sweep under the rug, you talk baseline testing and all, But why don’t we start were we need to. PA is one of only a handful of states that have NO WATER WELL REGULATIONS. So any logical person could see that drilling into the aquifer at any level could cause issues. Water wells are not cased through the aquifer like NG wells, So it would seem reasonable that a unrepeatable (water) well company could do far more damage since they are stopping in the aquifer and not protecting the entire well. As well as disturb others using the same source. Please correct me if I am mistaken but didn’t one of the Tammy’s just have a water well drilled before so called contamination? Could very well explain why only the few in close proximity had an issue? And since it is well documented that people in that area have had water problems long before HVHF? Just a few insights, to try and find a logical solution.
    And yes my name calling was out of control on Friday, But sometimes I let my emotions get the best of me, when I see such blazon misrepresentation of the facts. But I do still consider you a liar! And yes I feel anyone who does not have enough respect to stand and remove their hat for the flag is a dirt bag. 1000′s of people have given their lives to defend your right to try and ban HVHF as well as mine to keep the industry and make them safe as possible. If you don’t have that respect for what others have done for YOU, Maybe you should see how Putin feels about people who speak against the government……… Ask Pussy Riot how that went?