Montrose claims division win over EL

Meteor Matt Benninger gets a hit. Trey Hillard was the catcher for Elk Lake.

Meteor Matt Benninger gets a hit. Trey Hillard was the catcher for Elk Lake.

Sports Correspondent

The Montrose Meteors baseball team traveled to Elk Lake, Thursday, to take on the Warriors in the first division game of the season for both teams. Montrose came out with the win, 6-2.

The first four innings were a pitchers’ duel between Elk Lake’s Nick Dudock and Montrose’s Will Ferrill. Both pitchers were fairly even ending the fourth inning with no runs scored.

Montrose’s Matt Benninger got the first hit of the game in the second inning with a single to get on base – advancing to third on a steal and a passed ball but was left stranded in scoring position.

During the fourth inning Elk Lake’s Bailey Newhart was stuck in a pickle between second and third base. As Montrose’s short stop, Matt Lewis and third baseman, Benninger closed the gap on his running space, Newhart took off with a sprint towards third, but was chased down and tagged out by Lewis.

Elk Lake’s Blake Chew goes for the bunt.

Elk Lake’s Blake Chew goes for the bunt.

Dudock walked the first two Meteor batters in the top of the 5th, then Nick Henry came to bat for Montrose and hit a double, earning an RBI as Andreas Mittman was the first man to cross home plate.

With two outs and two runners on base, Kyle Watkins was batter up for Montrose his single hit gave him two RBI’s as Sal Vetri and Henry came home for the Meteors.

The Warriors were itching to score in the bottom of the 5th. Cole Tyler was walked and able to get to second on a passed ball. Pete McGee was also walked for Ferrill’s second walk in a row. Blake Chew had two strikes against him and then hit a beauty, but it was of no use to Elk Lake as Meteor center fielder, Matt Simonds caught the ball for the out.

Moon came up big for the Warriors with a single hit and advanced Tyler to third and loaded the bases for Elk Lake. Tanner Reyan, who bats at the top of the order for the Warriors was up next, but Montrose coach, Ryan Soden, made a pitching change and brought in sophomore Chris Lee to face him down. Reyan hit a pop up to Meteor second baseman Henry who got the second out for Montrose with the bases still loaded.

A hit by Bailey Newhart was grabbed by the Montrose catcher who tagged home plate for the third out, ending the inning with a score of 3-0 in Montrose’s favor.

Zack Groover replaced Dudock on the mound in the 6th inning.
Montrose’s Benninger tapped out a double; with teammate Mike Vanness following with a double, and earning a RBI as Benninger scored for the Meteors.

Henry was hit by a pitch, loading up the bases for Montrose.

A deep centerfield hit Ethan Stankiewicz was snagged by Warrior centerfielder Tanner Reyan.Vanness was able to tag up and run home for the Meteors giving Stankiewicz an RBI. At the same time, Mittman was called out for leaving second base early and retiring the Meteors for the inning.
Benninger took over pitching duties on the mound for Montrose at the bottom of the 6th inning, walking two; and then catching a pop-up to the mound for the out; and sending Tyler down swinging for the second out.

The scoring drought ended for Elk Lake as Dudock was able to come home on an error made by Meteor catcher, Stankiewicz.

Benninger hit a fly ball to left field driving in Watkins for the RBI.
Elk Lake’s Blake Chew was walked in the bottom of the 7th, put himself in scoring position and was able to score on a fielding error by the Montrose pitcher.

Vanness took the mound for Montrose finishing out the game for the Meteors.