Ruptured brine tank startles neighbors


A brine tank at a natural gas well site in Bridgewater Twp. ruptured last week. Neighbors reported hearing a loud noise at about 5:15 p.m. on Monday coming from the Cabot Oil & Gas Company’s Mead well site near Tiffany Corners.
The cause of the rupture is under investigation, according to Cabot spokesman George Stark.

The fluid in the tank was all captured on site, Stark said. The tanks are located in a contained area in case there is a leak, There was no one present at the time and no one was injured, Stark said.

The brine tank looks like a water tank and is located behind a well. Stark said the tanks are constructed so the top “pops off” is necessary and that is what happened in this case, he said.

Some concerned citizens had reported that a condensate tank had ruptured at the site.

Stark said Cabot does not have condensate tanks at the site. He said condensate tanks typically hold oil and are used in the process of pulling liquid out of the gas. But, he added, the dry gas in the northeast part of the Marcellus does not require the use of the condensate tanks.

“That situation does not exist in Susquehanna County with it being pipeline ready, dry gas,” Stark said.

  • Vera Scroggins

    that’s pretty amazing statement from George Stark; about the gas being dry in the pipeline; there are heaters on every gas pad , drying out the gas and the brine tanks hold the liquid that comes off the gas and there are VOC’s in those so-called “brine tanks” and why would the top pop open unless gases were in there; then the gas goes into gathering lines to Compressor Stations in our county to further dry /dehydrate the gas and process it so it’s market ready; we have 38 Compressor stations in our county with dehydrators. In the first couple of years of our gas development here, these tanks were called condensate and then changed to brine, which sounds more benign….

  • stevie56

    Vera, Vera, Vera…this news item must have made your day! So sad for you…

  • Vera Scroggins

    what makes my day is informing folks about the dozens of families in our county harmed since nearby gas drilling with contaminated water and letting others and the world know about this and other harmful impacts; and letting them know that Cabot has about 550 DEP Violations in our county alone since 2008 and the total is over 900 DEP Violations for all the seven Gas Companies in our county alone since 2008 !

  • FrackDaddy

    To bad you can’t get any of the “contaminated water” cases confirmed!

    PS- This is not our county, No one invited you, No one is asking you to stay! YOU DO NOT EXPRESS THE VIEWS OF SUSQUEHANNA COUNTY.

  • William Huston

    The term “wet gas” refers to light liquid hydrocarbons in the gas (“condensate” or “natural gas liquids”). In the Marcellus, it’s mostly found in SW PA, Ohio and WV.

    There is flowback brine (“produced water”) which must be removed. This is done with glycol dehydrator and other methods. This is the “brine” tanks we see all over. Note that “brine” is a misnomer. Sure it is extremely salty, but it also contains many chemicals from fracking fluids and other metals and NORMS found in the formation.

    But “wet gas” refers to condensate in the gas, not flowback brines.

  • stevie56

    Vera is a miserable and lonely old woman who is feels that she is in need of massive attention and this is the only way that she can get it. She lies and exaggerates and believes in her narcissistic mind that she is an expert…do you not understand that VERA SCROGGINS speaks for all of us who are not as intelligent and worldly as she is….I mean come on, look at her statement about “letting others and the WORLD know” now that is a completely narcissistic statement if ever I heard one…

  • William Huston

    Ha ha… The FrackDaddy, the dancing fracker.

    First you say “the is no water contamination from fracking”. Then we show you 313 cases of water contamination reports just in NE PA near where gas drilling is occurring, and now you say “but they are not CONFIRMED!” What the heck do you mean, “confirmed”? By whom?

    NEVERMIND. It’s a rhetorical question. NO MATTER WHAT level of evidence we show you, you will always dance around, change your tune, insult and attack the people bringing forward the evidence. LAME, but unfortunately, TYPICAL.

  • FrackDaddy

    Stevie, My favorite moment to prove she is only out for herself and her 15 minutes. WNEP’s coverage of her curcis in Montrose regurding her blatent trespassing, they catch her all smiles asking where her press confrfence is. Then just seconds later she is in full ” I will go to jail if i have too” Mode. Which of course she has not done, because who will pat attition to her in there?

    Stevie it is important, we let people know that SHE does not reperesent US!

  • FrackDaddy

    UHH, Bill. Do you read what you write or just harass people? (i know the answer) I stand by my statments and dont run away from them like you! (Note just as i predicted on the Fox40 thread, where i showed how you always run away when your caught lieing)

    But you again show why i have to keep a private profine under an assumed name, as you just troll looking for me to attack.

    If a grown man does not know the difference between “reported” and “confirmed” no wonder even your own side does not take you seriously! Here is some help.
    Two totaly different things! And we know, the EPA and DEC has cleared the locations on your map! So why don’t you show that?

    What reliable evedince have you ever showed anyone? Your home made maps? And your blog? God forbid you question someone who needs to create their own propaganda, and referance themselfs as sources!

    But yet you go on and on THREATING me with frivilous lawsuits for slander, when you follow me the best you can and slander me at any chance you get! Again just another reason to question everything you say!

    And to answer your “rhetorical” question, You are truly blinded by the notion of making a few friends, and getting your name published. With out conformation, How can you say that HVHF polluted water? Thats why they are called claims or reports, not cases. Any idiot can call and claim/report water issues (and they have). Remember when they REPORTED Al Gore won the election? What happened? When they CONFIRMED it, turns out they were wrong!

  • winterarrives

    Frack daddy has a heart hard and black as the shale. Where is the compassion, the empathy?

  • FrackDaddy

    Compassion for what? That Cabot the lost a tank? Spill contained, just like the environmental safeguards were suppose to do. Goes to show how the system is working!
    Or do you want me to show compassion to Willy and girl Vera? I don’t show compassion to lying attention seekers!