MV finds skeletal remains behind lockers


With graduation gowns still warm, Mountain View hit the ground running in preparing for the next school year.
As lockers were recently removed from the second floor hall of the high school, school board directors were informed at their meeting Monday night that some unusual treasures were discovered.

“We found lots of interesting stuff behind them,” district maintenance director Robert Taylor told the board. “There was a text book back there from 1960, long overdue books from the Susquehanna Public Library, and a mouse trap containing the skeleton of a mouse. How that could have gotten back there I have no idea.”

The old lockers are being replaced, and Taylor predicted new lockers would be completely installed before the school year begins in the fall.
Taylor asked the board for direction on installing a new telephone system in the district, as well as a electrical generator for the waste treatment plant on the campus.

“We have generators for everything else but that,” he stated. “When we have a power outage, water can come into the buildings, but waste can’t be taken out.”

Taylor presented the board with a cost estimate for a generator at approximately $17,000, plus a $10,000 installation fee. The board asked him to provide written proposals for both the phone system and generator at its next meeting, as well as a plan for repairing sidewalks around the high school and creating a sidewalk between the high school and elementary school.

Also in preparation for the upcoming school year, the board approved student, faculty, graduation, coaching, and paraprofessional handbooks.
“Because we made major revisions in the student handbook last year,” high school principal Robert Presley commented, “there really weren’t any major changes this year other than the new dress code.”

The board complimented special services director Gail Wnorowski on the creation of a handbook for special needs paraprofessionals, with director Roy Twining calling it “long overdue.”

The board voted to continue the Dean of Students position as a permanent fulltime position, and reappointed Jan Price as athletic director with a stipend of $6,000 for the 2014-15 school year.

When Presley asked the board if it considered an increase in that stipend based on recent increases in compensation for several coaching positions, board president Thomas Stoddard responded, “The discussion was to lighten her load, which we will be doing.”

The board also accepted 17 appointments for fall, winter and spring sports varsity and junior varsity coach and assistant coach positions.
The board requested that billing accounts for homebound instruction be reported and reimbursed monthly by participants. “Some may be holding up their bill and using it like a savings account,” Stoddard commented, “looking forward to a nice nest egg at the end of the school year. That’s not the business we’re in.”

Presley commended the Class of 2014 for directing the balance of its Student Activity Account of $4,717.20 to be deposited in the Yearbook Activity Account.

“That could lower the cost of the yearbook,” he said, “making it easier for future students to be able to afford their yearbooks.”