Youth charged for incidents at NM pool

State Police, Gibson, received multiple complaints July 23 of a 12-year-old male at the New Milford public pool that was having inappropriate contact with other juveniles in the New Milford area.

An investigation by Tpr. John Oliver alleges that the juvenile did commit the multiple criminal acts while at the pool and the youth has been charged.

Police suggest that parents of children that frequent the pool talk to their children to ensure that their child may not be a victim.

If anyone has questions or needs assistance with this matter, contact Tpr. John Oliver at 570-465-3154.

  • thankfulparent

    Thank God. My boy came home telling me about this individual whom blocked him in the bathroom while he was at the pool. This is the first year he’s been aloud to venture out alone but this made me rethink letting him out unsupervised even if it’s just a few blocks away.